Well, looks like News app is up and running. Let's hope it stays that way \o/

Sorry once again everyone it took so long to fix, but there was a lot of things on our heads (both disroot and non-disroot related) that made the whole process that much longer.

Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.


📭 📭 New webmail!📬 📬

Starting from June 8th, we are going to replace the current webmail (powered by Rainloop) with a brand new toy powered by Roundcube.

Read more at:


Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉


I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

Please write to #ICANN and the US #InternetSociety expressing your support for the .org domain to be managed by a #cooperative owned by its users, not sold off to a private company (Ethos) as proposed by the #InternetSociety.

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We have so fucked up package systems, with such ridiculous requirements, non-replicable environments, absurd and obscure packaging tools, and then we go and rant that the world has filled with Electron applications.

If you are a developer of free Android software you might be interested in this job opportunity posted by the GNU Taler project: forum.f-droid.org/t/gnu-taler-

It's specifially targeting F-Droid :).

#foss #jobs #android #fdroid #gnu #taler

The best thing about UDP jokes is that I don’t care if you get it.

Our lead developer was recently laid off from his job, your support via Patreon, Open Collective and other platforms means a lot during this difficult time.

We've come too far to give up now, progress may be slower for the next few weeks.

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