@Tutanota lol guess the first icon you gonna see when you click on the link?

@Tutanota so it is like Session (Signal fork) getsession.org .., plus running on an VPN(!) onion-network 😀

Btw, what about offering an exclusive loki exit node to tutanota mail server only? docs.oxen.io/products-built-on? If I remember correctly mailxxx.org offers that via Tor.

Anyways, keep it up good work! Looking forward to new features and improvements!

@bene @purism Let’s see what we get. I am fine with the selection 😗

@bene @purism yea, make sense and than I wonder if someone makes 1000/5 votes for his app(s) 🤔

@purism is the voting based on selected apps only or do you also take into account the amount of donation. So, if someone makes a 1000 $ donation for some apps will it be equally rated as a 5 $ voting?


Signal fork > Session
They have reworked the signal protocol. It solves the Signal issues: No phone number and decentralized (1300+ server onion routed)
PS: If you want to test it you should wait one more day since they announced big code / issue updates on Tuesday.

KeePass > KeePassXC

@Tutanota ok I see. You prices stay as low as before but increased for monthly subscription.

@Tutanota on your webpage you offer discount on monthly vs. yearly subscription.

@Tutanota since when do you offer discounts?!
I remember you always stated: “Just one ☝️simple price.

@Tutanota well good news!!
But the image says nothing 🧐
Whats the time step of this snapshot?
Whats the value of the Y-axis?

@Tutanota received my Tutanota 🎁 giftcard today. Thanks for your service ! Keep it up and all the best to the Tutanota team 🎉🍀

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@Tutanota why do you still you use weak AES 128 / RSA 2048 encryption and not AES 256 RSA 4096 or any state of the art ECC based algorithms ?

@Tutanota @kadse@social.tchncs.de What about a request for proposal and rating from users ?

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Rebooting the account. Hope you'll enjoy the new version 💪 👍


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