hey hey to Mastodon

, don't be afraid to have multiple accounts at the same time.

I tend to use the difference Mastodon websites (instances) in the same way one used to be able to make circles in Google+

it's a little more work than some other social interaction networks (SIN), but it lets you build the experience you want. Dive in!

I just want my life to stop being a train wreck long enough for me to make headway on Activity Pub app.

Please do not honk at school buses when they are stopped to pick up children.

Please do not pass school buses when they are stopped to pick up children.

If the bus driver has to honk at you or you at the bus driver, then you are creating a dangerous situation. Children with sensory processing issues will freeze up or freak out at loud noises.

Turned out to be an overnight host maintenance issue that resolved itself so yay

Elekk.xyz is down. Gonna work to get it back up first thing in the morning. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

elekk is taking a bit of a lie down 😬 sorry about that

Elekk.xyz is struggling but we're looking at it. Thanks!

Doctor offices are busy today ... I should have brought coffee with me.

What is the gender neutral term for a person who seems incapable of facial expressions and always looks a bit angry or annoyed?

Asking for myself.

Account hopping as the other instances I'm usually on are having issues. I hope I'm not bad luck 😞

For real tho. If you're listing furniture on Craigslist you MUST include the dimensions. I need to know if it's even going to fit in my vehicle.

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