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Hi, Iโ€™m Alice. Iโ€™ve decided to try aimlessly throwing things into the scary void of Mastodon.

Iโ€™m a and an amateur learning how to grow food. I like , and the colour . ๐Ÿ

Our frontman was in an interview around the subject of cultivating good critical thought, how contralised social media is bad for your health, and the willingness of the UK to let great music venues be turned into flats.

#livemusic #gentrification #decentralisation #deletefacebook #ukpol

Twenty four carrots,
Twenty four magic carrots,
Twenty four carrots,
Twenty four magic carrots

#24kmagicโ€‹ #gardening

Well I haven't posted a decent update for far too long. @alice_swaggen and I have fully populated the bed after fending off some wildlife attacks. The tomatillos are looking good and the kabocha is growing nicely. @GwenfarsGarden's suggestion of sticks as a defensive measure has worked wonderfully!

Fundraiser for Black Minds Matter, who are connecting black individuals and families with mental health professionals and services more info on them

Protest Tips, Head Covering/Veiling 

Protesting in a Hijab
Courtesy: HauteHijab on Instagram

Image Text:
โ€ข The less fabric, the better. If you wear a rectangle hijab, tuck in the long ends. Squares are preferred as theyโ€™re smaller.

โ€ขDo not wear pins. Use a magnet if you have one or wear jersey or another hijab that does not require pins.

โ€ขBring an extra hijab. Bring an extra hijab in case you get tear gassed- it can linger on the fabric and get reactivated, so itโ€™s best to change.

Black lives matter.

All police brutality and racist attacks must be accounted for and stopped.

Racial biases must be unlearned by all of us.

The internet would have you believe that there are folks who love to break shit in times like this. I ask: do you think these communities love to protest? Do you think these neighbours live for the moment when they have to wake up & shout the names of the dead at uncaring police?

Sorry I've not been posting gardening updates; things have kind if been a lot recently. To make up for it, here's a compost bin @alice_swaggen and I built today from discarded IKEA furniture and a palette!

I just found this little bag worm thatโ€™s been living in my room. I feel honoured that itโ€™s been using my detritus to build itโ€™s home, but also slightly worried about it eating my house plants.

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