Here’s the blog template we’ve made for the elementary blog! I don’t love this workflow (template development on this repo, then manual copy-paste to the private repo), but it’s a start. Hopefully we can get it automated with GitHub Actions or something.

Working on adding some keyboard shortcuts to Hyperspace in the desktop app...

Hey guys, just wanted to make sure everyone knows about this regarding as a FOSS app:

The team and I want to focus on making a great app that people can use. Hyperspace started as a project to make Mastodon more usable to college students and has turned into such a great app. We've hosted our code on GitHub for a long time and don't plan on migrating the codebase for now because I want to continue making Hyperspace great. See the image for details.

Now that Beta 6 is out of the way, we can start development work on Beta 7!

Howdy ! Don’t forget to check out the Hyperspace poll I made!

We just released 1.0.0beta6 of Hyperspace. This includes some fixes for macOS Catalina, improves the profile page, and includes some fixes for Pleroma instances.

More info (and downloads) here:
Try it out: hyperspaceapp-next.herokuapp.c

In the process of releasing Hyperspace 1.0.0beta6, just taking a while to nail the notarization stuff...

Since I kind of forgot to mention it here, I've been working on a visual novel about programming called . I plan to release the demo on for free. Enjoy these screenshots.

We're doing what we can to get 1.0.0beta6 out soon. Some features like domain blocking might be moved to the next beta to speed up the release.

Hey guys, doing a quick survey regarding Hyperspace 1.0 betas. How close do you feel it is to be a stable release?

@LienRag Yes, i am the main dev. We don’t have a Debian repo, but I believe we have the .deb files for download. I’m not sure what you mean by your second question: are you referring to localStorage as in JS or the local storage on your device?

Using with your mod or game? We just announced AliceOS Prospect Park, our upcoming release! Learn more about it here:

Note: Prospect Park will be fully released to the public in the fall.

@Tchambers We plan to have this implemented at some point, most likely in the 1.0.0beta6 update. This will also mean that we will need to implement the UI for managing blocks as well. It's something I've thought about doing, but we've been busy. Here's the issue for it on GitHub:

Thanks - @alicerunsonfedora

Complaining that elementary OS is too macOS-like while in the same breath criticising it for not doing something the macOS-way is the most stereotypical Linux user thing.

@JPEG I can say that this new update has fixed the issue partially, but it breaks again as soon as I transition to another navigation view.

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