Here you can listen to me talk about (and Mastodon) on Mozilla's IRL podcast:

The PR for dark mode has been open for a while... anyone think it's good enough to push to master?

Fun fact: If you find Electron apps via their website, you can grab yourself a copy of there, too!

Listening to the new Mozilla podcast right now with @Gargron. 😁

Good morning, and ! I figured I'd share this screenshot with you of what 0.5.0 would look like on macOS. It's got a nice titlebar and, finally, that ugly scrollbar on the side is gone.

Calling all those interested in Hyperspace! Check out the dark mode in via the this PR and tell me what you think:

Hey, ! I just merged a few PRs and the changes are now in the dark mode branch.

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Half of the time, I keep forgetting that you CAN dismiss profile panels and thread panels in by clicking in the empty space area (called "light dismissing" in Fabric UI). 🤦

@Gargron I'm just curious on this, have you considered adding Markdown formatting to Mastodon (web client, anyway)?

I'm considering doing some form of Markdown formatting support in . Thoughts? I know the default Mastodon client doesn't do this, and I'm unsure if any others do so...

On another note, should you support me on Patreon, I have a special Hyperspace room for you. :)

Hello, fellow friends! I decided to do something a little bit more practical for the toggle in regards to dark mode. As of right now, the "live switch" implementation is a bit funny since it does call a window.location.reload() at the moment, but now I have made a toggle that indicates whether or not dark mode is on.

The only place I haven't implemented dark mode yet on (I think) is the dialog boxes. That one will be tricky, but I at least have dark mode everywhere else.

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