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Did you know I'm on GitHub Sponsors? You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖

Been working with @amodrono the past few days on something we've been planning a while... the clients (codename Starlight)! We finished up data models and are starting to work on the user interface a little with some basic navigation. I'm excited to see what comes next.

Did you know I'm on GitHub Sponsors? You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖

I've updated the docs on to include more detailed macOS build instructions so that we all know how to get it in the Mac App Store should anyone do something similar.

Some leftover stuff from my Twitter that I started to be a wee bit more active on. Mostly stuff about , , and .

So, fun fact: I didn't realize you could use HTML forms and inputs to make a custom @duckduckgo search box until I saw the SEARCH_FORM option in Nikola. Now using it on both the Hyperspace documentation site and on Unscripted's website. Super customizable, too. Docs on the URL params are here:

Incoming! We've released v1.1.2, which includes bug fixes on the about page and links in the desktop app, and it makes some minor improvements to places like the Welcome page.

Download here:
Try it here:

Ok I added a mastodon emoji pack (patreon link but the post is public) (thanks @starfall )

They are 193 pictures so be careful, on mobile a lot of emoji can make the emoji picker slooow. ^^'

This should work (I hope).
Also thank you @siina , I used your filenames.

Of course, in the meantime, I've been playing around with stickers for messaging apps and fixing some Hyperspace Desktop.

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Been spending the past few days trying to come up with a fake argument for 🙃


1) Look at this list:
and never, ever do any of that.

2) In general: users are not cattle.

3) Treat your users like you would your friends. You wouldn't waste your friend's time, or take advantage of them.

Watched the pilot episode of on Apple TV+. The game devs were arguing over a fucking shovel. I love it.

I have to send my 💻to Apple via mail to get my battery serviced, which should happen sometime this week, probably Wednesday. I will be taking a small hiatus/break from and . Should it take longer than expected, I do have some form of a device to work off of.

Hey folks! The extended demo of the visual novel I've been working on, , is finally out! Check out the details on

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