I guess I should update my site now that Hyperspace is becoming a big deal now, eh? 😅

Since Hyperspace 0.4.0 is out, you know what that means! Yup, time for the 0.5.0 roadmap! Fortunately, some of you may have already seen it as I started working on the roadmap thanks to @brandon 's issues on GitHub. As always, you can access them here: github.com/alicerunsonfedora/h

It's here, folks! Hyperspace 0.4.0 is ready for general use. New thread panels, profiles, reply improvements, and much more: github.com/alicerunsonfedora/h

I'm probably going to merge PR 27 now. There hasn't been much activity the past few hours.

I'm also heavily considering starting a Patreon to keep Hyperspace going. It's nice having the app signed and stuff, and I plan to, at some point, have an official website for the project as well as a hosted instance of Hyperspace for anyone to use online.

Since everything in terms of how links work in PR 27, everything should finalized enough to where the PR can get merged so everything else doesn't bubble underneath this one branch. I'll probably merge it by the end of the day.

Want to access The Studio via @matrix more quickly? We now have an instance of Riot.im for you to use, ready at chat.aliceos.app!

New client is finally ready. I'm excited! I love the new UI and the dark theme with it

I have to both love and hate the Persona element in Fabric UI. It looks nice and organizes basic profile information, but it can't handle anything with non-standard Latin characters when it tries to make initials from the Mastodon display name. Annoying! 🤦‍♀️

I believe PR #27 should be ready to merge! But first, I'd like to hear any feedback on it before I take the plunge (this is a pretty big update, after all). So, take a look and please tell me what you think: github.com/alicerunsonfedora/h

Perfect! Boost cards, when clicked, now correctly open their thread from which they originated from.

I'm thinking of making boosts of posts open the original boosted status's thread when you click on them. I'll probably need to extend the ThreadPanel component to either allow anything to link to it or to add the boost card itself as a link. Idk, I'm still thinking of ways to make this work...

Can we make the next Unicode update include support for a Sayori-ehehe-like emoji? Please?

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