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Kinda debating if I should look at other Masto instances 馃

Update: We've changed the wording of the last point on the website. This may take a few moments for it to appear on your end.

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Gonna address this so that we鈥檙e clear: yes, we know the NPL is not open-source by the OSI definition. We know the website is wrong and will get around to fixing it soon. But we鈥檝e determined that the NPL is most suitable for this project to maintain a healthy fediverse.

If you have a problem with the licensing, you鈥檙e free to use other software.

Changed the buttons and the UI a bit to use newer components. Directional pad is bigger, so it should be easier for me to use.

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Installed a few days ago and am working on building the QVBAM emulator app to try and get better controls...

Good news: I've rebuilt the binaries and have re-uploaded them to GitHub. Please re-download v1.1.4 with the fixed changes.

For those about to download it for the first time, you should be good to go!

I messed up some configuration settings, so the desktop versions of v1.1.4 are currently broken. I am working on re-releasing them right now. Hang tight.

For those about to download Hyperspace Desktop: wait until I re-release them!

We've just released a new bugfix release for Hyperspace Desktop which makes some general fixes around logging in and account switching.

Download here:
Try it here:

Been working on the new login and sign up views for . Pretty fun so far, especially with the server picker we may be implementing based on topics.

So I dug up and old project (), spruced it up a little, and now it's something you can play on your Mac.

Started working on the login view for today with an access token-based alternative if the traditional means doesn't work as intended.

... and here comes another game project! It's a comp-sci project written in and for the Mac. Imagine Portal/Superliminal, but you change costumes instead. Can't wait for the GM and when the game itself gets finished (the game is just a quarter of the project).

Incoming! Check out what's been happening on the Hyperspace project headquarters the past couple of months:

Special thanks to @amodrono for the writeup!

@charlag @Tutanota Just made a new PR for an icon for the Mac app that's suited for the upcoming macOS release. I'd love to get a review on it and am willing to make adjustments.

update (codename is now Starlight, BTW)... Starting to hook Mastodon stuff up and been designing the iOS version with some new pages.

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