For those running macOS or and want the dynamic iOS 13 wallpapers, I made the static ones from OSX Daily/iDownloadBlog dynamic. Works well with auto mode too!

@JPEG Just a heads-up, it looks like the tab bar icons shift down on the iOS 13 beta. It’s a while’s away, but figured I should let you know

@Gargron Any thoughts on Sign in with Apple? Thinking about how Mastodon apps on iOS could use it 🤔

Did a little write-up following my new site launch last night about my thoughts on . Now going to download Xcode beta...

And there we go, new site ready. Included Dracula theme for syntax highlighting, but feel pretty good about writing the site's CSS and all that. Oh, and of course I had to add that sweet dark mode support since that's now a thing with CSS queries. Yeet.

Welp, just found out that it apparently HATES my Screenshots folder. Crashes Finder every freaking time now... I have a workaround so it shouldn't happen, but I'm kind of afraid now...

In addition, the Terminal now uses zsh instead of Bash (will need to learn more about). System Preferences for me is huge because of other pref. panes and the huge Apple ID banner at top. New 'Auto' theme with Night Shift is cool. Oh, and Hyperspace dark/light mode on macOS is now broken. Music and Podcasts app took a while to load in my stuff (weird). Oh, and an alias trick I used stopped working. :/

Thoughts on macOS Catalina (10.15) so far: not bad, but there are a few kinks. The News app is a bit of a mess, especially with modal dialogs like the About one. The iTunes, Dashboard, and Grapher icons don't get deleted after the upgraded, even though the apps do (not sure how that happened). Oh, and I noticed some parts of the UI have large fonts. On another note, it looks like font rendering is a lot smoother!

Going to start looking into getting the iPad version of Toot! working on macOS 15.

Today, Project Alice releases the first build (550e647) of Project Stein, the successor to The Angel Returns. Project Stein is available to download on GitHub for free as well as its source code. The downloaded ZIP file also works with Doki Doki Mod Manager! for those that prefer to use DDMM to manage mods.

Just found this awesome WWDC app for macOS that's pretty much like the iOS one. Can't wait to watch the keynote from it!

Hmm, I might wait for organization repo support before going ahead and doing that...

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