Just as a heads-up. Until we can figure out the issue with the App Store version, I'm removing the current version from sale, so it won't appear.

Starting a game jam challenge thing with @Nomad1556! Maki an interesting Portal-esque clone game with Swift and Xcode...

what if Asriel is running a trash compactor every time anyone boosts or favourites it it pushes every other notification I have two types:

Forgot to mention this, but the DMG has been re-uploaded on GitHub releases. I believe this is only affecting the macOS versions since I had to rebuild those a few times. The Mac App Store revision for this is on its way, it just needs to be reviewed.

Looks like the Mac builds borked a bit, so I'll need to fix that up.

I wanted to release Hyperspace 1.0.0 when all releases were ready, but proceeded to release everywhere else while I wait for this review to go through.

It's the release you've been waiting for! We're pleased to release the stable version of 1.0.0 today! Complete with themes, multi account support, search, and more!

You can try Hyperspace online here: hyperspaceapp.herokuapp.com or download the apps here: github.com/hyperspacedev/hyper

This release is also available in the Snap Store! (Mac App Store pending)

There’s a thing I’m supposed to do today but can’t recall what it is...

GM release is here! Can't wait to release stable 1.0.0 soon!

We're pleased to announce the Golden Master of v1.0.0! This release should reflect the upcoming stable release and squash any remaining bugs for the 1.0 release.

More info (and downloads) here: github.com/hyperspacedev/hyper
Try it out: hyperspaceapp-next.herokuapp.c
Patreon: patreon.com/hyperspacedev

I think we've pretty much accomplished all of the things I wanted to for the 1.0 release of and am ready to release the golden master very soon.

Details here: patreon.com/posts/30527977

Hey @pla, just wanted to check in with you regarding the Pleroma performance issue with Hyperspace. We've been releasing betas of Hyperspace 1.0.0 and wanted to know if your issue still occurs in these betas. If you haven't downloaded it yet, feel free to download the latest Beta 7: github.com/hyperspacedev/hyper

So glad that we have Beta 7 out. Now to update the site and stuff...

Heads up! We just released 1.0.0beta7 of Hyperspace. This release includes some design overhauls, keyboard screenshots (and better menu), a special theme for Mac users, server blocking, and even multi-account support!

More info (and downloads) here: github.com/hyperspacedev/hyper
Try it out: hyperspaceapp-next.herokuapp.c
Patreon: patreon.com/hyperspacedev

Today's the day we've all been waiting for, myself included.

It feels okay enough for this well-requested feature to make it into Beta 7 as well, but I might need to do more testing...

We watched the unhappy vampire through the store door.
"Should I invite him? They can only enter if invited."
"We have a large 'Welcome in' sign. He's invited."
"So why isn't he coming in?"
"Automatic door. The camera can't see him."
"Oh. Accessibility fail."
"Yeah. Go open it."

Hey folks, it's very likely that we'll release Beta 7 of Hyperspace 1.x this Friday given that we have some final PRs reviewed then.

This beta will include the following (but not limited to):
- Keyboard shortcuts
- New license
- Notification badges
- macOS theme improvements
- Settings design refresh
- Server blocks and disallowed domains in config/code

Me: Lemme just redesign Settings a bit...
Me, later: Yeah, lemme just add an Aqua theme for Mac users as well.


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