Does anyone know if there's a Mastodon API to get the instance character count?


@JPEG iirc, the official APIs don’t have it, but forks and what-not have max_toot_chars. I had a similar issue and decided to use a setting to turn off the char limit

@JPEG @alicerunsonfedora could consider also making it configurable to a different number instead of just disabling

@jwkicklighter @alicerunsonfedora That's a good idea, but may add ambiguity where people think they can set it to any number and have that limit.

@JPEG @alicerunsonfedora seems that a toggle would suffer from the same problem, unless it's very verbose or has help text.

@jwkicklighter I use help/secondary text and post a warning on the composer when the limit is turned off. See this PR for details:

@alicerunsonfedora clarification: I don't think there anything wrong with a toggle or setting. I was just clarifying that a "toggle on/off" and a "set the limit to X" would both suffer the same usability concerns. Your solution is certainly a good one

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