My friend @seanhn pointed me to this great paper that is a historical survey over heap allocators from the 70s to the mid-90s:

Sigh. I envy the days where such sweeping surveys of this scope were still being written.

I rode 176Km yesterday. that's 110miles in non cycling parlance. No biggy - What is amazing is the topics of conversation in the group - privacy, security were top of the list! 'normal' people _are_ getting it.

What is everyone's favorite write-up/how-to on setting up a Mastodon server?

The 44CON CFP is still open : @donb shall we get it pushed out here? ;)

So, we are currently invading on two fronts - French social media, and the migration of from twitter :P

We should probably make @Gargron 's life easier and help the guy out;

Please boost! (it's the new RT, right?)


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