I wrote a post sharing ALL my stats
It breaks down about $7,276.70 earnings
It shares EVERYTHING since starting
With advice
"The fact that I can make that much, and the majority is through tips, speaks volumes of how supportive of a base itch has."

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@alienmelon thanks for sharing!

what you say about big streamers tracks with my experience: featured in a pewdipie video, 20k+ views over the next 3 days, hundreds of downloads, not a single donation (I don't mind his viewers not donating, what irks me is his production company didn't even pay a cent, I hate the idea of having worked for disney for free)

@emptyfortress lol, yes, i've heard this from pretty much every dev friend (that i know) that got covered by a popular streamer. i haven't heard from anyone yet that said that views from a popular streamer translated into sales.

@alienmelon had I hosted the thing myself it would have hurt me financially, and probably killed my crappy vps

I'm considering writing a license that would require professional streamers who make big corps a lot of money to pay for things, not sure how to phrase it yet, but I'm in a position where I can afford the backlash I think (I don't make a living from games and I'm mostly an outsider in the indie scene)

@emptyfortress if you did that it would be amazing. i've had some truly awful experiences because of big streamers, and there is one that i genuinely wish would not have played my stuff because it was just so gross.
not all streamers have been that to me. there are smaller ones (NOT the big names) that i think are amazing and contribute beautiful things to the scene. just the way larger names behave is almost exploitative... wish there was more of a discussion about it.

@alienmelon yeah, there's the right to critique (fine by me), but there's also just exploiting creators for money, social capital and spreading harmful ideologies.

I think I can find the wording to keep big corporate streamers away or at least make them give back, not so sure if it's even possible to have something like "if you're using your platform to spread white supremacy or homophobia I don't want you using my content"

I suspect it wouldn't fly in the US, then again I'm in the EU so...

@emptyfortress if you did something like that tho i would very likely use it too... i mean even saying something that takes a stand against white supremacy to a more official capacity seems like a big difference (rather than not saying anything).
lol and these people need weird alt games (to regularly shout at on their channels) so if a lot of devs did that... idk, i've heard plenty of altgame devs complain about how streamers use their games.

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