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please enjoy my latest github commit...
🐱💖 Cat.js! 🐈💕
Easily add a tiny virtual cat to your website.
You can pet the cat!
Cat is mobile ready (this is a cross platform cat)...
download her from github:
live demo:

i just wrote a very in-depth post about UI design & how to approach designing it for games.
it talks about ways to incorporate it, how to view it, philosophies & history, to approach it as a common interaction language to build emotion and character.

I wrote a post sharing ALL my stats
It breaks down about $7,276.70 earnings
It shares EVERYTHING since starting
With advice
"The fact that I can make that much, and the majority is through tips, speaks volumes of how supportive of a base itch has."

🔥new hot website alert!🔥
(requires Mackerelmedia Fish)
👉 click here to enter 👉
~you can...
* throw rocks at this site using javascript! 💥
* errors fall from the sky 🚫
* talk to crabs 🦀💬
* play with Fish 🐟💕
(mobile enabled: Fish works on mobile)

I had a dream that my mom had a sunstroke and we had to put her in the fridge to cool her off. Then she turned into a sandwich (while in the fridge), and I was holding the sandwich, shaking it, yelling at it like "Mom are you ok?? Mom talk to me? Are you OK??? Please talk to me! Mom!?!?"
now when I look at a sandwich all I think about is what I might be eating if I eat one.

the Electric Zine Maker update is out, and I posted about it on my blog. in case you want to read about it there (link to download is also there too):
there's a lot to this new version! ASCII converter, a Power Goo type tool for squishing, fuzzy, perlin noise, plenty of color and blend mode options....
if you haven't tried it yet, now it's definitely worth it. :)

this is useful!!
zine related reference for zine making and cool tech zines. i especially like zine machine and that site itself lists a helpful resource. this is worth checking out and getting lost in.
so happy this exists! :D

I wrote a new post about showcasing at Playdate, the LA Zine Fest, weird games, and what it means for an event like "Playdate" to lose it's name...
This is a lot of cultural criticism, and what the Playdate (game toy) means to someone like me.

I just pushed the first update to the Electric Zine Maker. It features a new Authenticity Tool, windowing modes, printing enhancements, and a bunch of important bug fixes.
Here's a feature list:
If u haven't NOW is a good time to try it. It's less buggy.

It's out!
The Electric Zine Maker (public beta)
⚡️ Easily create, draw, write, and print zines!
📝 Folding instructions included!!
✂️ You can save them, and re-import them.
☺️ Made with collaboration in mind.
✨ Try it! It's free!! ✨

Personal Experiences as Games, our GDC talk about making personal games based on life stories, empathy, sharing, emotions, and many other interesting things, is on the Vault for free!
if u missed it u can catch it now.

small update!
i just finished my portfolio site of abandoned and unfinished (and also finished) work.
it's very unusual, and interesting.
you play as a little ghost exploring my homepage, and talking to skeletons:
check it out! yay!
i'm really happy about this one. :)

RUNONCE (remember_me)
A existential desktop friend that knows you have doomed it by running it, is now available on itch:
Be a friend while they are here.
Whatever you save will be all that remains.
(sharing this is appreciated!!!!)

Ok, and last one... I just posted the workshop that I gave at the UCLA Game Lab:
"The Building Weird Games With Alternative Technologies Workshop"
This is a concise overview of what I use for building my things.
It also covers politics & history surrounding web tech.

I gave a lecture at the UCLA Game Lab. 💖 I just posted the written transcript in case anyone is interested in reading it.
"Heartfelt Messages: making personal games, design notes, and awareness of the cultural repercussions that this work is in…"
Now you can read it!
The youtube recording of me talking is also in the post.

💝 a short love story told between two folders
💖 available now on itch:
💔 due to system restrictions this is a forbidden love.
(it's a very unique experience. available free!)

that “if you got stranded on a desert island” question vegans keep getting asked is kinda unrealistic. we’re not that bad at travel. it’s not like every time I step foot outside I get lost and whoops now I’m on an abandoned island, I guess I have to compromise my moral integrity and eat this meaty teddy bear.
nope. it doesn’t happen.

I just published some thoughts...
Altgames Workshop: a discussion of surrealism and personal stories in games
it's from this weekend's workshop. it features a lot of work from other devs, and commentary on why it maters & is beautiful. lots of design philosophy, technique, and observations included.

please enjoy my latest github commit,
Classic JavaScript snow for websites
* wind speed
* falling speed
* and superstorms
snow adjusts to window size (HTML5 fluid snow)
works on mobile
live demo:

~ hello internet,
please enjoy my latest github commit...
Now you can easily attract flies to your website using javascript!
* supports flies for all types of websites
* flies play an important role in the web ecosystem!
live demo:

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