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i just published this,
exploring cool free and experimental tools to make things with...

More from the wonderful world of tools by small devs, shareware, and freeware (art tools, music tools, and toys to create with):

it's a continuation of my first post. it has a nice roundup of interesting tools.

i wrote a blog post talking about the value of video game bugs, how they're a lot like glitch art, digital decay, and how virtual worlds break...
The Beautiful Rebellion of Video Game Bugs:
(the way things break make computers interesting, like they rebel & express a voice of their own...)

yay! great news! i got it done!
the Electric Zine Maker has been updated with mini-booklets!
~ choose from four different zine templates... books, flyers, and cute things :) ~
go get it!
on itch:
on gamejolt:
the devlog:

the Electric Zine Maker update is now live!!
a new template is here!
~ the adorable tiny square accordion zine ~
❤️ 18 pages to draw on
💕 instructions included
✨ with updates to printing, support for double face prints, and more...
🥰 i can't wait to see what you make with it!

i wrote about all the beautiful zines from the first ever Electric Zine Jam
and also link to the recorded streams, incase you missed it and wanted to watch zines being made...

thank you everyone that participated and submitted such beautiful work!

just dropping this update here:
saving was broken for some people in the Electric Zine Maker, after the last Windows 10 update. I just fixed it. You can save again! Yay!

i just released the update to the Electric Zine Maker (a zine making art toy that lets you easily draw and print zines).
the update features new tools and some bug fixes.

i'm really proud of this one!

Here's something new and cute!! :D
A cute particle effect for your website's cursor!
Features include...
* Cursor moods 🙂😱
* Flame modes 🔥☁️
* Cursor cuteness! 💘
Demo page here 👉

I wrote about Mackerelmedia Fish (the new ARG) here:
I talk a bit about it, some of the technical things, and it's also been open sourced!
You can download all the sourcefiles here:
Interesting htaccess things, javascript, etc....

just released this yesterday!
an ARG-like text adventure about digital archeology & friendship in unlikely places!
>> <<
* explore the ruins of an abandoned website
* brave the hazards of the old web
* embark on a quest to find what you are looking for!
(it's web based and works on mobile but desktop is best)

It's finally out! My post about Desktop pets, roamers, and more:
About desktop pets & virtual companions: discussing the inhabitants that fill the void of our digital spaces

From Winroach to SCMPOO, Neko, Oddballz, Shimeji, and Neopets... I talk history, designing them, and also more recent indie examples.
Yay :D

please enjoy my lates github commit:
🦇 a-cute-bat.js 🦇
hide a cute bat on your website for visitors to find!
a cute bat (also known as "a lovely bat") is ideal for all ages, and all devices...
live demo:

This effectively turns your page into a cave. This is good for the ecosystem of the internet, as there are not enough bats on websites (there never have been) and this is bad for web bat populations.

new post:
UI design is fun! (inspirational ways of looking at UI, and discussing how to better understand UI’s place in game design…)
some of this would have been my GDC talk, but it's much longer & more insightful...
if you think UI design is boring, this post is for you!

An open letter to game journalists: , fighting with surviving abusive reporting, and the fallout of not caring...
I wrote about the consequences, and shared absolutely everything...and the stuff here places me at risk so please read it.
Please share.

i wrote about tools! lots of cool tools!
my new post about the wonderful world of tools made by small teams, solo-devs, and shareware...
weird, beautiful, and experimental things to be creative in
a lot of these are relevant to gamedev

check out this super adorable
Electric Zine Maker musical teaser
music by Tambalaya and the video is by Tanja THE Awesome.
she made it to surprise me and i'm blown away by this.
sharing it everywhere lol.
it's SO cute.

new post,
"walking sims and the joy of existing in a virtual space"
i talk about open world games like GTA, and why walking sims are so special. i also discuss a ton of games.
it's a long analytical one about space, the relation of space to a player...

i just published a tiny 💕ASCII art💕program for the browser!
you can freehand draw ASCII art & output it as text...
just hit "BUILD ASCII!" when you are done!🎉
play with it here👉
source code on github👉
(desktop only)

Hey! The Electric New Zine Maker update is live...
The Breakfast Tools are here! you can draw with bacon, paint with egg, and there's a sizeable ASCII art update and new ASCII art tool...
Download link:

Make some Zines with food tools! :)

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