mby body hrror, wip 

cishet dudes on facebook are so weird. theyll angry react something and think that in itself is a hilarious genuinely funny joke

go mentally deranged yea. go brainless yea. go wacky! go positively bonkers yea. go mad bruv. lose your marbles yea. go foolish

are we talking about pluto? idk about her planet status but i know she likes girls

why has every youtube ad ive gotten been about impeaching trump

i think im the only person alive who actually doesnt mind the skyrim intro πŸ˜”

i was looking up models with heterochromia and one of the most popular ones is apparently
1. a homophobe against her own father
2. not actually heterochromic at all LMAO??

im stuck on this roof its burning n shit its smoke in my eyes its smoke in his eyes? yes there smoke in my eyes shit what the fuck is this IDK lemme get back to this shit jumpin off the roof with this one jumpin off the rooooof with this one

me: mentions offhand im russian
some horny guy, immediately: russian girls are so hot. like just saying theyre so sexy. like i would love to fuck a russian chick. can i PLEASE have just a crumb of coochie

my dad at least once a month: ok well im going to europe
me: how long dad?
dad: :)

i've been hyping myself up for the last three hours...to go to the fucking gas station. bitch i hate being mentally ill

shoutout to the dude who wanted me to be his satanic femdom, your account may be gone but u will live forever on

i was knocked out for almost all of yesterday holy shit

so why does everyone have a url thats like @[normal url]@[somethingrandom.whatever] whats with that second @??

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