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here's a buttcoin address for anyone who wants to help me download some girlpills with my tor browser

₿: bc1q8rhf6gcrxe6ya0ppl6dp4rrryyxvwuppypq6zm

here's a buttcoin address for anyone who wants to help me download some girlpills with my tor browser

₿: bc1q8rhf6gcrxe6ya0ppl6dp4rrryyxvwuppypq6zm

i made a presentation on .
it presents a comprehensive analysis on intersex erasure and the connections between intersex erasure and homophobia and transphobia.
neither is caused by the others, but these forms of bigotry are formed concurrently, so all fronts in the battle for rights must also be fought concurrently as well

a precious moment in last year where i decided to open up a gift stand for visitors on my island.
as i recall, they are very nice gifts.
unfortunately, i so far haven't had the pleasure of having visitors over.
i really miss this game, but my switch has been down for quite a while, and i'll be sending it for repairs

What does urban permaculture, localized food production + autonomous anti-capitalist land projects look like in 2021? We spoke to Lobelia Commons about how they are putting this all into practice + making an anti-capitalist Farmer's Almanac in the process.

it took me forever to figure this out, and it shouldn't have to take anyone else that long.
nor should anyone have to set their GNOME session to shut off wayland and use xorg instead just to do screencasting.

please enjoy screencasting with GNOME wayland

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as a little note for myself and other users trying to run OBS screencasting on GNOME via wayland, specifically on debian, i'm currently having the best experience with building 'gnome-mutter-screencast' (, read relevant build details here).

it will build with 'meson' and 'ninja', both can be installed on debian using "sudo apt install git meson ninja-build obs-studio"

IMPORTANT! :: on debian, your install path MUST be "/usr/lib/[i386, x86_64]-linux-gnu/obs-plugins"

in retrospect, the cost of tuition and textbooks for students who are only seeking to be qualified for better opportunities is downright extortionate

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i was able to access the exorbitantly expensive textbooks i needed to pass the courses i had to take as a university student who was literally malnourished/starving thanks to bittorrent and seeders

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a word about .
the prospect of you being able to download the content you want or need from torrents without fear of it being censored or taken down is made possible by contributions from users like you, who are committed to keeping their bittorrent clients sharing those files. they are the ones who make torrenting still a reliable way of accessing files.
the more users who seed the files you love, the less of an undertaking it is for each user doing so.
please seed after downloading

"Since you've got nothing to hide, you don't mind unlocking your phone for me, do you?" Legislatures and courts must stop police from asking us this question.

it took me quite a while, but i cleaned up these two images of emil albright. they were drawn on paper, but now they are digitized.
even though it took forever.
idk, blame the long time it took on the fact that i still don't have my drawing tablet back

i work at a factory now.
they manufacture air sampling equipment.
the majority of the workers there are women.
it reminded me of hakim's video where he said that the old 20th-century soviet propaganda with the hypermasculine male factory workers is no longer relevant because the global majority of factory workers are women.
he wasn't kidding

"girlpills or no, forevermore shalt thou suffer aching upon thine teats, so too shall thy flesh bear likeness to the tresspasses of chava, as by taking the girlpills despite the commands thou hast been given otherwise, didst thou tresspass in kind. so saith the lord, your god"

Very excited to check out the first episode of the Black Autonomy Podcast, hosted by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin.

conspiracy theorists :
"the commies are trying to feminize our young men! it's a global jewish feminist conspiracy to separate america from god! wake up, sheeple!"

materialists, on a different continent :
"i just noticed that women are consistently starting to outnumber men in the workforce."

maybe it's got nothing to do with jews, or feminism.
maybe it's just capitalism.
maybe women are just more employable than men.
maybe the cucked sheeple femboys have the right idea

the only kind of person who would tell you that you're wasting your youth is the kind who intends to rob you of it

i cleaned up this picture of emil albright.

i think that is the best look for a tie.
i hope someone figures out how to design a tie like that some day

please follow this lady.

her art is beautiful.
she's a very talented illustrator.
i love her work

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