NEW RANT about mastodon's potential as a platform for more human connections, reduced harm and footprints, and most importantly for collaboration and democracy in productive projects.

@emerican, i think you may be interested in this premise, if you would like to move forward with setting up a mastodon instance, i could be of assistance

planning a project for propaganda.
it's gonna have a burning building and a firetruck.
i think people might like it -- perhaps enough to start making some propaganda of their own

So, I have massively understated how dire my finances and my living situation actually are. #TransCrowdFund

Please boost this gofundme, and donate if you are able:

reminder that I have a Patreon for my overproduced youtube videos about anime, leftism, and queer shit that I was crazy enough to risk ruining my life for and would appreciate donations if you like that I exist and am making those things

Trump hosts convicted war criminal at xmas party 

hello everyone.

women are unjustly and eternally chastised as "the founders of original sin" for seeking truth and liberty, YHVH is saturn, lucifer is venus, saturn is a tyrant, and venus is our liberator.

thank you and have a good night

when seeding torrents, whether on webtorrent and peertube or bittorrent and thepiratebay, remember to protect yourself.

please use and donate to RiseupVPN regularly.

@Chocobozzz is there any way that a peertube instance's administrator could have federated instances as p2p trackers?
or are there ways to add webtorrent trackers for magnets otherwise?
i think that having federation provide the promise of mutually assured leechers and seeders between federated instances would be excellent, and having webtorrent peers elsewhere would be nice too

hey, i have an alt on my own instance, for creating art and collaborating with others on their artistic projects.


are you an anarchist?
are you an amateur in video editing, voice acting, writing, music, drawing, or animation?

do you want to be a part of a collaborative horizontal network of other anarchist artists in creating multimedia and propaganda videos?

then please consider looking at

i'm the administrator, and i want to help you in any way i can.

please read the about sections and terms of service before applying to join

i realize it might make me seem a bit dumb for not having realized it for over a year since i joined, but pinning hashtags and timelines and other things to my feed makes this so cool. i think this might actually make mastodon by far the best social networking platform of them all.

@Gargron you are a genius

i will be setting up a new instance for setting up an anarchist media commons, for anarchists to collaborate on projects.

i am currently trying to teach myself animation and voice acting, and i am willing to help my comrades on whatever projects they're working on, in whatever capacity they need me for.

i will upload a video explaining how it can be used to this end.

please send me a direct message if you would like to be invited to join this instance once it's ready to go

upgrading my distribution of on my laptop right now. it's gonna be a while.

upgrading from stretch to buster

i just got a referral to see an endocrinologist.
all i need to do now is wait until friday to set up an appointment, and then i will finally be able to get the proper medication in the proper doses i need to to be able to transition properly.
that nasty APRN i've been visiting up until now has wasted enough of my precious time, and good riddance

The Conquest of : On "Rogue Takes" and Our Fate

when we apply a material lens to the problems that breadtube is experiencing, the online left will reach the understanding that "cancel/accountability culture" is a reflection on the personality cults and undemocratic processes inherent to how breadtube is structured.

breadtube will embrace media collectives and live talk shows as its future if it wants to live.

my message to breadtube:

here is a brief exposition on why is neither "the real fascists", nor an organization.

- "Antifascist Action" is a principle, not an organization. Refuse Fascism is a laughable organization founded around that principle, but dumbasses can't even tell the difference.
- Fascism is an ideology, not a standard of conduct.
- other ideologies consistently oppose fascism, fighting tooth and nail against it (namely and )

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