people please host your webfonts. Don't use Google (or other proprietary, non-free, -violating) services.

And once again, every is not trustworthy. Please be cautious before using any software.

but it doesn't mean you should use proprietary . If a you wanted to use is not safe or -respecting, try to find alternatives. people like me or folks at are always ready to help.

There's an alternative for everything. Just respect yourself and use the ones that respect your and .

@alirezahayati Even though I think 'respect yourself' is a good reason to embrace digital freedom and autonomy I think we can do better.

Especially when it comes to fonts on your site, we have more than a desire for self-respect, we have a moral responsibility to protect other's rights and freedoms.

@alirezahayati unpopular opinion:
you can also just use the system font

@grainloom Works but a lot of people want/need to use another fonts which are (I believe) much prettier. I use custom fonts in my website and I like it.

@alirezahayati @grainloom Thankfully, there is the 'font-display' CSS attribute!

Especially with the 'fallback' and 'optional' values, it lets your (self-hosted) custom fonts be used under ideal conditions but quickly fall back to system fonts if they would load slowly.

@gcupc @alirezahayati @grainloom I originally used Google Fonts, but updated my personal site WP theme to allow users to choose a few pairings that are locally hosted, with a system font fallback.

@alirezahayati and also, in some countries, it doesn't work well (to use Google Fonts).

@0gust1 Censorship/Sanctions. Happens a lot in the country I live in.

@eo Yes. Another guy recommended it. Thanks for mentioning.

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