#nanowrimo outlines day 10. Pale Moonlight.

The Grim Reaper is tired of living in squalor. There's not much that he needs for survival, but he certainly has *wants*. For Death, the route to riches is clear: insurance speculation.

Things were going well, but now something isn't right. One of his policies isn't passing on as scheduled. A stubborn old curmudgeon named Eric with more willpower than sense.

How can Death get this old coot to accept his fate without breaking any of the rules?


@monsterjavaguns Never heard before about NaNoWriMo. Is it like Inktober but for writers?

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@alisa In a way, yes. You can get more details at nanowrimo.org. I'm taking a slightly different approach this year. The conventional goal is to write a 50k-word novel in 30 days. For myself, I'm outlining a different novel idea each day.

I do this as part of the last leg of something I call a "Creative TriMonthalon".


It's a helluva way to get some creative output done at the end of the year and keep the brain juices... erm... oozing. :)

@monsterjavaguns That seen really fun, I never thought of doing Nano this way but I will have to try sometime because seen like a good way to find what story is worth working or not as well.

@Odisaki I've found that I'm pretty fond of this approach. In the best case, I'll have 30 usable starting points at the end of the month. In the worst case, I'll have gotten a bunch of horrible ideas out of my system and I can then start on something actually decent. :)

@monsterjavaguns that's true, either way you are ready to work after. It sound great, I will still try this nano because I'm not writing anything so I can see how it goes for me.

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