Is it just me or is the only Indian politician making sense nowadays?

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@alistrap Been reviled so much that people are scared to support his statements. Actually, the RW don't go after him so much as liberals & Congis.

@SabinaBasha Because his arguments are solid AF . Problem with congis is you dust off the surface and you will more often than not find a Sanghi hiding inside. I mean one of most prominent congi mouthpieces Shashi Tharoor literally has a book called why I am a Hindu (apologist).

@alistrap Hit the nail on the head. And why they are more scared of Owaisi is because he eats into their vote share - they want to scare us, Muslims, into keep voting them. We have been voting Congress where there is a direct fight between BJP & Congress, but I think that is also going to change.

@alistrap @SabinaBasha That book is anything but apologist. In fact, it is quite the antithesis of what RSS thinks Hinduism is.

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