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Okay so I worked out in Delhi and wow. Air quality makes such a huge difference jesus

Wow you guys were not kidding about this Delhi air

That scene when William and Jack Pearson are hanging sharing a laugh got me in my feelings like

Why are all right wingers so horrible at poetry? I call it the Vajpayee effect.

Guys I just bench pressed my body weight do I still need to meditate

"Pray For Gaza For West Bank
They have best guns & best tanks
You express angst? They have solution
Use left flank for revolution
Right flank for civilians
Military Budget in billions
Fourth largest military in world
Congrats, you killed a 6 year old girl"

"Pray For Gaza, Pray For West Bank,
They have best guns and best tanks,
You express angst? They have a solution,
Use the left flank for the revolution,
And the right flank for the civilians,
Military Budget, 15.2 Billion!
Fourth largest military in the world,
Congrats, you killed a six year old girl"

For the 5 people on here who have heard my music, which song is your favourite?

LOL you people are scaring me. I was planning to run a 10K in Delhi this weekend and you guys are like “Wear a mask outdoors otherwise your lungs will turn into a Gurgaon farmhouse party lol”

What’s the weather like in Delhi now? Jacket or no jacket?

In Delhi for 5 days. (Digs up emergency gas mask gear from when I was in Saudi Arabia during the first Desert Storm)

If I have to be honest the greatest accomplishment of the last decade has been picking up rap again and creating a body of work that I can truly die happy with. (Even if it put me on the radar of ppl who send death threats in my others inbox)

I dumped my toxic ex, pioneered freestyle rap cyphers in Mumbai and I wrote and recorded Beef Pork Chicken. But nothing for 5 years after that lol. (Unless you count running two full marathons and producing a national award winning film)

Kashmir, Ayodhya, are all instances of occupation by brute force, legitimised by the country's top court, doing permanent damage to our people and our sense of justice.

Remember this the next time the SC delivers a judgment that seems to protect our rights, and we have the urge to say 'faith restored!'.

If the two kinds of marriage are “love” and “arranged” marriage, does that mean that arranged marriages are by definition loveless? I mean, semantics would suggest that. 🤷🏽‍♂️

I run 3 times a week and hit the gym 4 times a week on average. So I literally exercise everyday. And I still get depressed AF.

Don’t believe the fitness “influencers” who shame you into believing you are just too lazy to be not depressed.


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