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I majored in Biology in college, and for a research class, I had to study statistics. Back then, studying was tough and stats especially made my face turn numb and I made a sound like bleaghghagheghahagh

I'm a bit older now, and a little wiser and more patient, and I'm thinking of getting into Data Science, so I cracked open the 'Think Stats' book I got in a humble bundle to brush up. I'm a chapter in, and I'm already like bleaghghagheghahagh

briefly stopped by Facebook this evening. stopped by the comment section of an NPR article. I could have saved myself the trouble by simply locking myself in a closet full of spiders.

starting an online physics course. I took physics in college, but it was ten years ago and I have a book on orbital mechanics I want to read so I can better grasp Kerbal Space Program.

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The cats are inside, due to the cold weather, and ugh they are the worst

just freeze me in carbonite until April

It's basically a miracle this time of year that I do anything.

The wave of Star Wars nostalgia, for me, hasn't triggered much interest in the books or prequel films, but mostly the old pre-1999 Star Wars videogames, like X-wing, TIE FIghter, and Star Wars: Rebellion (Supremacy for those in the UK, I gather).

I would eat a park bench for a remaster of TIE Fighter and X-Wing.

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So we have an indoor sheep right now (my wife calls her a 'house lamb') because she's needing to be bottlefed. My son has taken this as a cue to start letting the barn cats into the house.

apparently my toddler is on the porch yelling at the sheep, like, how dare they be out in the pasture where they've been since before he existed

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ESO a mi me rompió muchísimo las bolas.

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the aart cloud: a torus of paintings circling the sun far from the center of the solar system

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Reminder: the right to speak is not the same thing as the right to be heard.

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it looks like mastodon.social broke 100,000 users so that means two things:

1) congrats @Gargron!

2) people should start spreading out across smaller instances with welcoming communities! that's the best part of mastodon!

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So if you like Mastodon, Gargron (the guy who created /is paying to develop it) has a Patreon: patreon.com/mastodon