I feel like all I know how to do is low-key panic until I set my mind to something, and then eventually more things work out than don’t. Hey, this only applies to songwriting, not actual life challenges and events.

Es ist Gesicht Freitag, und meine Brille ist für den Tag im Urlaub. Außerdem: Ich wurde gerade bezahlt, es ist Freitagabend

Super long time at the airport for no flight, misheard orders for fast food paid forward by a car in front of me and for two cups of bad coffee at said airport, and next door neighbors won’t stop rooting around outside on the ground floor patio or vacuuming in an upstairs apartment. This day is lucky it’s over, or I’d fire it. Good thing it’s out the door in ten minutes, wait what

Roller skaters out on the basketball court in the park are blasting their mixes, because it’s just another Wednesday night

Paying medical bills is like killing zombies, but at least I’ve got what I need to keep from becoming one for at least a little while longer.

Today’s not-song was mostly about the aftermath of buying the ticket: figuring out how to take the ride, as it were.

Today’s song was about something completely different: yesterday’s bicycle ride around North and West and downtown Oakland

Someone near my place is still pretty happy about the whole 2021 thing

Yes, that’s a broken low-C key but all the other keys on this M-Audio KeyRig still work, and things are still fun a couple of days into this year’s challenge

On August 29, I sent my bandmate a GarageBand noodle-around from December 2017 and code-named it ‘Regular Order,’ but my bandmate had other ideas (better known as ‘lyrics’) and sent it back within hours as ‘A Familiar Feeling.’ This week I got off my lazy tail and put the darned thing up on the band SoundCloud account. Today I figured out putting it on YouTube after attaching it to some video of afternoon slow-motion wave sloshing from December at Carmel Beach, so enjoy linktr.ee/weareundoredo

Put up my first two albums from 2008 and 2009, as well as a third one cobbled together from this year’s songs, to keep last month’s “Infinite Eagle” album company on my Bandcamp account saintandkings.bandcamp.com

Made it back out to Lands End last Friday, then walked back to the Lincoln Park stairs when this guy rolled past us

video / nature 

Still thinking about last Friday's short and moderate to difficult hike in East Oakland's Leona Heights Park: remote, narrow trails beside a strong flowing creek, with plenty of rocks, logs, branches and plants, hiding under tree canopy and hosting diffident birds and super-ravenous mosquitos within steep slopes, not mobbed by recklessly distancing crowds so much as tentative pairs and groups looking to tire out dogs, children and each other.

We drove into S.F. over the Bay Bridge, past a coned-down and CHP’ed-up toll plaza among recklessly fast drivers. There were lots of folks out walking the Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Presidio. We stopped at the Lincoln Park stairs to stretch our legs over to Eagles Point on the Lands End trail, where we saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we drove along the Great Highway for a bit of Ocean Beach, hung a left at Lincoln Way and over to the Central Freeway and made it back over to Oakland.


‪This year’s February Album Writing Month yielded sixteen new songs in twenty-four days.‬

‪Those songs are now an album called “The Timebomb,” available today for listening and other forms of engagement at saintandkings dot bandcamp dot-com‬.

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