Finally received my unofficial hardcopy of "The Black Hand: Playing the Sabbat" for . It's a great Storyteller's Vault entry and pairs perfectly with the official Sabbat book for V5. I especially love how seamlessly it incorporates old Paths into the preexisting Humanity framework. I may or may not be using a lot of this material for my character in an upcoming Victorian Age mini-chronicle. 😏

These new merits and flaws are just too perfect for my upcoming character — the Lasombra nun, Sister Judith. (Vienna, circa 1880 CE)

"[...] kill the sun to establish the Kingdom of Night, and smash the Cross so that the spaces may never again meet."

The previously Kickstarted "Droyne Coyns" are finally shipping out worldwide, and we just received ours! We can't wait to divine the secrets of the Ancients in our next game. Congrats to @allisonchains and crew for reaching the final stretch! Definitely looking forward to future projects from you all.

Just received my updated rulebook in the mail! Already checking out the Psionics for my Zhodani actress. Nothing moves an audience to tears quite like a telempathy backed performance. 😁


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