@vampiress Yeah, exactly! The old shooter from Id Software. (Though I've also dabbled in Quake III Arena.) It's purely hobbyist level stuff, but still a fun outlet. I'm in the process of tweaking them and putting them all up on my website. Hopefully for a future public release. :)

@allisonchains Awesome. 😊 I made some not so great Quake levels back in the day, and it's part of how I learned C programming, albeit just through the C-like scripting language it had.

I imagine editors are better now than they were then.

@vampiress Oh my gosh, that's so cool! I bet QuakeC would be a super fun entry point. I've barely ever poked at it myself, but coding was never my forte. The level editors are so nice nowadays! I especially like TrenchBroom. Nothing like the past struggles of Quark, QuakeEd, out even Radiant. Lol!

@allisonchains I work as a game developer now and design levels in Unreal Engine 5, and imagining doing it again but with those old tools... that'd be wild.

@vampiress Wow! You're surely doing stuff that is WAY above my skill level. I've never dabbled in UnrealEd, but it must be nice given how prevalent it is nowadays. 🙂

@allisonchains I've not really used any equivalents - never got into Unity or anything - so I'm not sure how it rates compared to other modern engines.

I quite like it though, for the most part.

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