"Grimdark '90s Neon-Green Teen"

A blog post in which I explore just how I ended up into the games I am - and why I so aggressively hated Nintendo, despite being real close to its target audience.



@vampiress I was a Sega kid, which fed into a similar disdain for what were less impressive Nintendo titles. But that too was supplanted once we acquired a family PC. While ostensibly to aid my father in his art, I was more quickly enamored with just how different the games were. Many indulged in that darker presentation, with titles like DooM (and eventually Diablo) being reminiscent of my favorite album covers. Add in nascent internet communities, and even Sega looked like a child's toy.

@allisonchains I think early PC vs early console games (and by early I'm basically saying < 1996 or so here) were markedly different. Less so these days.

@vampiress Oh, definitely so! 🙂 Consoles aren't really much different from a hardware perspective at this point. The current difference seems to be one of user experience -- self hosted multiplayer servers, user made mods, and arguably better controls for many genres. Of course, even those benefits have become less and less common.

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