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ADHD is having the day off and thinking of 1,000 ways to enjoy it, deciding on none of those, and laying frozen by your own inability to choose an activity.

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Can't get enough🦈? We're airing a week long event featuring some of our favorite fishy episodes. Catch it on @Roku@twitter.com, @Vizio@twitter.com, @AmazonFreevee@twitter.com, @PlutoTV@twitter.com, @XumoTV@twitter.com & @Redbox@twitter.com. It all starts Monday 8/15 at 8pm EST.

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We talked about the novel where Sam leaps into a renaissance festival and fights the evil leapers! Donna massages Al?? Some delightful weirdness in this fun book.

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Prepare to get swept away in Melanie Rawn’s rollicking tale of Sam’s Leap into a medieval knight — sort of. Jousts, fair maidens, and Evil Leapers. We try to answer that age-old question: Just what the hell does Donna do?

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I just don't know how you respond to people who feel oppressed by the existence of consumer choices for people who are not them washingtonpost.com/food/2022/0

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we need to go back to the original formula! +7 seasons, 22 eps each. slow burn romance for at least 4 of them. filler eps, flashbacks eps. halloween and christmas parties. GAG REELS!!! & deleted scenes. intros w catchy songs, bad green screen effects ahh the vision is clear twitter.com/laurensmakkari/sta

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Lots of people think it’s weird I still own a ton of crap on DVD, including the full series of many, many TV shows, but when the streaming wars are over and everyone is dead, I’m still gonna have 7 seasons of Buffy with the awful menus!!!

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I knew exactly what song it would be before playing and it fucking rules

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how can you defend this?

how can someone convince another person that this is good music?

because apart from the last few seconds, this is unlistenable, i fully believe that bjork bribed reviewers to write good reviews.

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Quantum Leap is already a confusing premise, this will absolutely lose some people. Hoping for the best, but it’s frustrating.

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