im here to announce that the new hot meme is writing textposts in the international phonetic alphabet

@allthingslinguistic @DialMforMara just barely readable for those of us with a casual interest in linguistic things...probably unreadable for ppl who arent familiar with ipa tho :(


saɹi, ɪz ɛks.klu.sɪ.vɪ.ti nɑt paɹt ʌv ðə pɹ.pəs ʌv mimz?

@DialMforMara @chr @allthingslinguistic hecc, i somehow deciphered that and i don't actually know IPA

but ye, only language nerds and language nerd adjacents will understand this

@chr @allthingslinguistic @DialMforMara Whoops, I thought they were talkin about Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and got all excited

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