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dropped my last brain cell in the federated timeline... goodbye

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support and appreciate women because they are part of the hope for progressing towards a better future

hello fellow tooters i have had a stressful exam period and today i have to deal with my manager who's been overreacting about a bunch of stuff so that's how my week has been oof

there's no such thing as hate on mastodon because even if you do post hate on someone they'll just retoot it

Why you should recruit me for your heist:
- good actor
- people usually trust me
- seen all b99 Halloween episodes
- can keep a secret
- please I really want to be part of a heist

you're allowed only one problematic fave. the rest come with a fine

she seized the means of production in the divorce

she took ME in the divorce. please help. ive been in this bunker for 10 days an

Don't let them fool you. Mastodon has aristocrats, and they live on great landed estates of several alts with discords and boosts galore.

[doing the worm] this is epic
[doing the worm] this is epic
[doing the] wait hasnt this happened before?
[doing the worm] this is epic

nothing is more disgusting than when somebody talks about homeless ppl as if,,, they aren’t People.

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