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Last week, I wrote a piece that caused massive churn in the RW birdsite ecosystem.

It was 'on how BJP leaders and their staff have dialled up the heat up on the party’s own social media followers – accounts which have used everything in their arsenal from memes to analysis to scathing political commentary to attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with Hindutva politics – for not fully toeing the official line'.

With the tweeting done, let the tooting begin.


Our Prime Minister, the Potterhead:

Stashed carefully beneath copies of the Manusmriti, ‘Hindu Rashtra Darshan’ and ‘Deceiving Voters 101’, would be a yellowing copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – highlighted pages and all.

'Musings of an Anti-National'

By Ayushman Basu for LW

"I live in a country which was founded on love and faith
But now I’m being taught to fear and hate
Come share with me this collective fate
Where the people are prisoners by the will of the state.

I feel numb, succumbed by these insecurities
Where the roads are wet with the blood of minorities
The rich are safe in their high security
Tearing us apart with corrupt authority..."


Sleep is truly the best thing when your emotions are out of whack.


‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims

making examples out of leaders and presenting it to the nation. It's intentions and capabilities.

How politicians were treated in captivity to make them fall in line.

This old article of mine still rings as true as ever:

Present-day Indian zombies may not be flesh-eating ghouls yet, but there are certain characteristics they mirror perfectly:

Rabid - often angry and abusive to the point of foaming at the mouth.

Social (strength in numbers); they even travel in hordes online.

A need to infect everyone in the vicinity.

Hive mind - zombies aren't much for original or creative thought. They'll follow the strongest zombie around.

'For all its claim to base itself on evidence and a secular Constitution, there are several places in the judgment where the common sense of the RSS/VHP seems to have become the common sense of the Court.'

Nandini Sundar on the via @thewire

Our very own 'MP No. 1'

Gambhir Skips Meet to Tackle Air Pollution for Jalebi in Indore, AAP Kicks up Row

Left: There is a strong case for public and universal education. Attempts to make campuses inaccessible to people must be protested strongly.

Right: Look at these evil kids, they vandalised a statue.

"It is foolish to think that the Ayodhya verdict will bring about communal peace.

Appeasement, like the Munich pact of 1938, only whets the appetite of the aggressor."

This is to all the students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University. And all of you who are standing strong with the

You have stood for the founding principles and vision of the University.

@Paridhigupta @jnukiladki @ranjona @sanjayuvacha @iladikshit @almatharu

When the richest people in your country buy tweets like 2 bit frauds, it shows how pathetic your country and those richest people really are. Disgusting. Stuff your election to Met board.

The 1045-page judgment not only refers to Sikhism as a 'cult' but also quotes accounts of Sikhs worshipping idols, which experts believe is an affront to the religious history of Sikhs.


"When the kar sevaks began demolishing the Babri Masjid none of the BJP leaders who were present, including Advani, made any efforts to stop them.

Once the mosque was demolished, the BJP leaders distributed sweets." | Kabir Agarwal writes.

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