Here's my article from this week rounding up some of the voices from the right:

I'm a good 30 weeks into doing this column. Some of the things I end up reading make me want to slam my screen shut.

But it's been very insightful trawling through these sites and keeping an eye on some of the biggie wig RW birdsite accounts

@almatharu you really need to go on a detox after this article. You deserve a good vacation after going through so many RW Websites after all.


@musafir Have a holiday lined up in December luckily, it'll be nice to step away from this hateful junk for a whole week.

I'm so thankful to @Mastodon at this point for this lovely fascist-free social media platform.

Thanks @Gargron

@almatharu that's amazing. Happy for you. And @Mastodon has not only been a fascist-free network but also has given a huge boost to interaction that was dying from the other social media platforms. Most of us are having those "feel good here moments" because it's the engagement and discussions that Mastodon facilitates. @Gargron

@musafir @Mastodon @Gargron

I agree 100%. On Twitter as a journalist who already got frequently attacked, I chose my words carefully (barring the occasional angry, dripping with sarcasm tweets that one has to indulge in time and again for sanity).

Here, I feel free to speak my mind, and speak to like minded people who are not out to misinterpret everything that is said.

It's absolutely a feel good moment.

@Memeghnad @almatharu @musafir I am following you three too. Let’s rock here and make it worth the while by backing each other up when we speak out against injustice and tyranny.


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