You have the right to food money
Providing of course
You don't mind a little
Investigation, humiliation
And if you cross your fingers

This piece by NDTV appears to clarify that Ramkrishna Yadav @ Ramdev is a devoted attendee of University but regards the knowledge earned thereby as retractable.

Got my first strike at twitter because I posted the truth. Still got 6 hours to go.

After working for 4 hours during the lockdown I don't know how I'm going to work 12 hours again

depending on the way that the new sm rules are going time to get this account going again

This is very important 

In Welsh folklore, corgis were the steeds of fairies.

Image description: A fairy riding a corgi in a forest. Both are wearing fantasy armor.


"The laws of Australia prevail in Australia, I can assure you of that," [Prime Minister Turnbull] said on Friday.
"The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia".

Oh... sigh.

Trump the Trolll and his administration are cutting 19 billion $ until 2018 in development assistance for africa.

During #G20, as part of his campaign "just smile in the camera and pretend of not being an ashole" Trump gave an organisation while G20 639 Mio. $

Not shure if the first part was covert by #foxnews, or only the campaign?

some of the people i see retweeted on twitter are so damn vile it's terrible


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