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As I've been returning to Mastodon lately, it's time for a real .

I'm Michael. I'm a 30 something focusing on , some and some low-level .

I enjoy (posted on @alpha ) with my , mostly and and drones

I'm big into and and taking back from megacorps.

And I occasional @

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That means that DRM *never* prevents copyright infringement (because infringers don't care if they break the law), but it *always* prevents *competition*. If you're a rival of Audible, hoping to unseat it, you have to convince potential customers to give up their Audible titles or maintain two separate libraries. You can't just give them a tool to convert Audible files to MP3s or even another DRM format.


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Just learned of basically a read-only Twitter clone so you can share links to tweets without sending people to Twitter or risking their soft "pay-with-your-privacy-walls".

I think we underestimated how many classified and other government documents Trump took. One line item in one box says 1571 items.

So we're on day 8. We've both barely left bed in 2 days and easily winded and exhausted. Her sick days are gone but we both need more time off. I've been working a couple hours scattered throughout the day.

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TL;DR: COVID sucks. It's not a joke. I'm double vaxxed plus boosted (2 pfizer + moderna) And I'd gladly beat the shit outta anyone who thinks this is a joke or a hoax. They're idiots not worthy of being treated as human.

I've lost a week of my life, it's cost me hundreds of dollars in supplies, a wasted hotel room. I've been working as much as I can which might be 3 hours some days. It's been a major disruption to both of our lives, our jobs and coworkers and friends.

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I was so out of breath and low on blood oxygen (according to my cheap meter) that I packed a bag and made notes on what I would need if I did have to go to the ER. I had to hand off work tasks and grant access to my inbox to others, just in case.

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She started daily testing on day 5, so far still positive on day 7. I'll start daily testing when she hits her first negative test.

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I had dangerously low blood oxygen - hovering around 90-92 for more than a day. He's never dipped. Every 6-12 hours it was a new and different beast. I had several times where I thought the worst was over (with minimal OTC drug intervention) and then fever, chills and other shit came back.

We're both tired and winded by very little.

We cancelled our long weekend anniversary vacation coming up because we have no confidence we'd be up for it.

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Now, for other shit like the flu, this has been enough to prevent me from getting it. But we're too late for that.

We have both been sick all week.

But unlike every other plague she bring back from the booger blasters at the germ farm, we both got a very different experience.

Both had fever but I had it a lot worse (higher and longer). She's had a bad cough, mines been mild. She has muscle pains, I have not. We both had headaches to different degrees and at different times in the timeline.

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Get home. Put together an amazon order. Doordash Wendy's. I'm taking the living room, she gets the bedroom - we're going to isolate even though we're both sick. Purell, alcohol mouthwash, anything else that might help shorten it.

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They have some, so we detour and ask them to leave a test outside. GF takes it and it took less than 5 seconds to come back positive. The T line beat the C line. Well shit. I don't need to waste a test. Two and a half years of keep-away is over. We have to get home and prepare. Alert work. Her work wants a PCR but later backs down "if you have to pay for it".

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But before we could we heard from the kid's parent. He tested positive on Saturday but they waited 24 hours to tell us. Assholes! We turn tail, cancel our plans and start heading home. While driving pass close to my parent's place, so we detour and call to see if they have rapid tests. They had COVID less than a month prior and I told them to order the new batch of free tests from the USPS.

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And a coworker had been out but tested negative for COVID multiple times who claimed to be stuffy etc too.
We were headed to Philly. We had masks on most but not all day. Around 5 or 6 she suddenly lost most of her voice. Alarmed but still not thinking COVID because of the other illnesses going around the center. Around midnight the same thing happened to my voice. We were now slightly worried and debated going to urgent care or a pharmacy for rapid tests.

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My GF works in a daycare. She wears an N95 even though masking isn't enforced anymore. A kid was in Thursday last week who had it. Wasn't scheduled for Friday. Tested + Saturday and reported it to the center on Sunday.

Saturday morning she complained of alight stuffiness. We didn't think anything of it, child care centers are disgusting petri-dishes. She brings something home almost monthly and we both get sick several times a year big time for it. Kids are disgusting.

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6.5 days after first getting COVID symptoms and I'm finally feeling close to decent. It's been a whirlwind.

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5: A stack of tanning receipts with a sticky note saying "Business expenses".
3: Dozens of wallet sized pictures of Ivanka, followed by one picture of Jr in blackface and crayon drawing of Eric.
2: Intimate and erotic love letters to and from Kim Jung Un
1: A VHS tape with the label "Eric's second birthday". scribbled out in gold sharpie and a crudly drawn showerhead.

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First posted on twitter, my Letterman style Top 10 things found in Donald Trump's Mar-a-lago safe:
10: Eric Trump's ketchup stained birth certificate.
9: a well-read first edition of Mein Kamf
8: What use to be ₽100,000,000 Russian rubles and a Soviet era passport for John Barron.
7: A handful of autographed Story Daniels DVDs and a rolled up copy of TRUMP magazine.
6: 36 years worth of his 1040-USSR.
5: A stack of tanning receipts with a sticky note saying "Business expenses".

Still laughing about Mar-a-Lago getting raided.

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