🎶should I stay or should I go now🎶 (leaving, maybe?) 

Debating whether or not I’m going to stay on mastodon. I haven’t really been all that active here? If I do stay, will probably move to another instance

I already have an account over at .art, so might just make that my main instead?

This’ll be my last page for a while! I’m taking a break from comics while I gather my bearings and get The Next Thing in order

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Doing Inktober and working on comic pages at the same time kinda wiped me out, so I'm slowly getting back into drawing over a month later!!!

If there’s a positive coming out of all this, though, it’s pushing me to go back for my masters and start on an actual career path

work-related venting, creepy boss pt 4 

I’m really upset about this because it’s happening on top of other really shitty goingson at work rn (late pay, pto that never accrued, getting a 20 minute anti-union lecture from boss where he implied that if his employees ever unionized he’d just close the company, plus the fact that he always tries to touch and hug me without permission) My stomach is in knots and I think this job is actually literally killing me lmao

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work-related venting, creepy boss pt 3 

And this isn’t the first time he’s changed the date/time of a company outing specifically to make sure I’d be there. Last Thanksgiving I told him I couldn’t go to that lunch bc my brother was coming to pick me up at noon. So he kept changing the time for the company lunch trying to make it so I’d have to go (thankfully managed to get out of that one bc my brother did actually get there a little after 12 lol)

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work-related venting, creepy boss pt 2 

Like, I’m going to be at work tomorrow and I’m not going to have a way out of it. I’m sick of being both metaphorically and physically cornered (because that’s happened too) when he has something to tell or ask me, and I’m tired of being talked to like I’m a child, or like it’s impossible for me to understand anything

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work-related venting, creepy boss 

I THOUGHT I wouldn’t have to go to the “company christmas lunch” this year since I’ll be on vacation starting next week through the 26th, but my boss called me after work to tell me that it’s actually going to be tomorrow and making sure I was going because he wanted to do it before my vacation. It makes me SUPER uncomfortable how insistent he is that I go to these things

I’ve just got a bunch of fun little projects I want to work on to destress lmao

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I just have to get through the rest of today and tomorrow and then I’m on vacation until the 26th 🙌

Can’t wait to have the time and energy to DRAW!!! and maybe also paint????

Aaaaaaah, I didn’t realize it was Wednesday!!! Well, page 3 of Stormbrewer went up today!! As always, you can read it at wyrdgirl.com

I think my favorite line from my project this year is “He’s in all the newspapers!” and honestly it’s going to stay my favorite

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