This’ll be my last page for a while! I’m taking a break from comics while I gather my bearings and get The Next Thing in order

Also doing some colored pencil over messy pen sketches to work up the courage to start painting!

Doing Inktober and working on comic pages at the same time kinda wiped me out, so I'm slowly getting back into drawing over a month later!!!

If there’s a positive coming out of all this, though, it’s pushing me to go back for my masters and start on an actual career path

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I’ve just got a bunch of fun little projects I want to work on to destress lmao

I just have to get through the rest of today and tomorrow and then I’m on vacation until the 26th 🙌

Can’t wait to have the time and energy to DRAW!!! and maybe also paint????

Aaaaaaah, I didn’t realize it was Wednesday!!! Well, page 3 of Stormbrewer went up today!! As always, you can read it at

I think my favorite line from my project this year is “He’s in all the newspapers!” and honestly it’s going to stay my favorite

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