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gamers i gotta get back to the grind (lab reports) but heres one son boy

ed and al at an important guys house and eds jsut fuckign Mauling his food like a wild animal and als just like ",,,,,,,,So!"

some girl in the halls said "it's never too late to become a farmer" and honestly i felt that

whenever one of our cats lays their eyes upon my wretched form they go through all seven stages of grief, meanwhile i am experiencing every magnitude of love imaginable,

the longer i spend on .social because berries is down the more feral i become

I have the bones of a 95 year old former stunt performer with osteoporosis

thanks so much for your patience everyone!! hazel has been working super hard getting the site back up and the rest of us mods have been getting a much needed rest ๐Ÿ’• show @admin_berry some love!

did u drink your daily loving trans women/men juice yet?

ive seen conqueror of shamballa More Times Than Are Legal so i know how everything ends but i have NO idea how it gets there,,, im so scared

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okay now that iv finished rewatching fmab+movie u kno what time it is!!! [is already crying before i can even open up the tab to watch fma03]

its okay berries i hav loved u for a thousand years and i will love you for a thousand m

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