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Today in small bureaucracy tweaks: the WA State Board of Health has proposed a set of food safety rule changes that will allow you to use your own reusable containers at more places. The public comment period ends September 29 at midnight, you can send an automated support letter here: bringyourowncontainer.good.do/

Almost no one ever comments on technical rule changes like this, so even form letters are impressive. #ZeroWaste

If you're in Portland and you need assistance, or you want to help those in need, check out this master list of links of mutual aid and crowdfunding. #PDX #PNW #BLM #MutualAid #crowdfund sewing-seeds.weebly.com/tea-in

it's my birthday - you don't have to give me anything, but like, i wouldn't say *no* to some boosts

hey hey hey i have a joke

Q. what should you do if you see someone being assaulted?
A. call the cops, this is dangerous!

Q. what should you do if you see hundreds of thousands of people being murdered by fascists?

The impunity & assistance Portland police have offered to violent fascist & neo-Nazi organizations in recent years (rosecityantifa.org/articles/li; rosecityantifa.org/articles/20) may seem shocking—and it should—but it is also part of a very long tradition. ohs.org/blog/the-first-time-na

I've been noticing an uptick in mastodon accounts sharing hate/conspiracy garbage. Apart from simple reporting, folks have suggestions or strategies for addressing these? (examples: ZGoldenReport@brighteon.social

#Seattle -

"An emergency smoke shelter has been established at 1045 6th Avenue S. The emergency smoke shelter has capacity to shelter approximately 100 people and is operating 24 hours each day. The smoke shelter will remain open through Tuesday morning, September 15, at 10 a.m., when air quality is forecasted to improve.


Hmmm... Open source #dating apps or platforms. Do those even exist?

Persephone Days is the nickname given to growing days with fewer than 10 hours of sunlight, as that's when nearly all plants stop active growth. The concept was started by organic farmers, but I find #witches really like it too.

For #Seattle, the start of our Persephone Days in 2020 is October 31st. That day we will have 9:59:22 of daylight.

If you want to look up day lengths for where you live, I recommend timeanddate.com/

“One door leads to life, the other leads to death.”

Two red berries: one is delicious and makes the best pies ever, while the other will kill you, or make you wish you were dead. Red huckleberry (Vaccinium parvifolium), and red baneberry (Actaea rubra), respectively.

#florespondence #pnw

covid polyamory 

Okay so should I show up to the quaranbubble expansion videochat with a computational model of how date night frequency affects the chance of COVID-19 transmission from one end of the polycule chain to the other, or nah?

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