#Seattle #MendTogether - Mending night this Wednesday, 6:30-9pm at my house in Maple Leaf. DM for the address.

We have equipment to repair fabric, electronics, bicycles, and Shit What Needs Glued - including some scrap bins for materials. Bring your projects!

I'll provide a selection of teas & possibly a light snack. Feel free to bring your own food if you want actual dinner.

Accessibility notes: Cat, stairs.


Fuck positive people. I don't need that toxic shit in my life!


Both Warren and Sanders are pointing out to vote for the Non-Amazon candidate on the #Seattle City Council. Yes. Each race has an A candidate.

If you think either of those two are worth listening to and are right - go vote for the Non-Amazon candidate! Ballots are mailed!

Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis. theguardian.com/environment/20

CloseTheCamps rally @ Amazon Oct 12 

If you think this "football season" business should distract from fresh hop season, get out of my bar.
fuck the fuck the

Presumable for demographic correction, I got surveyed by Public Policy Polling via sms (I never answer voice calls, so they maybe tried there first?) to complete a survey using Surveymonkey. I didn't know major pollsters were using Surveymonkey. They asked about national support, and then a specific Seattle city council race (presumably having correlated my phone number to my address). Happy (I think) to see polling trying to maintain accuracy.

On Sunday, Proud Boys and Nazi-magnet Joey Gibson plan to have a rally at Westlake Park. There are multiple counter events.

BREAKING: Students disrupted the @Amazon recruitment session at @UcBerkeley to call out the company’s complicity w/ ICE & ask peers to reconsider what their labor fuels. AWS hosts @PalantirTech & powers ICE raids & deportations. @Cal, why are you harboring ICE collaborators?

Obviously, as justice warriors fighting to promote "cancel culture", we need to be more effective.

Fuck shitty people. Opponents of "cancel culture" join whiners about "political correctness" in a long line of motherfuckers who neeed to be kicked solidly in their faces.

Seattle (Ballard) local neo-nazi community warning, please boost for visibility 

katie herzog is the undisputed champion of bad takes and liberal fascist apologetics

#antifa #seattle #liberals #portland #pnw


"If the members of Antifa actually wanted to effect political change and counter the aims of the Proud Boys, they could put down the milkshakes and, say, register people to vote."

"Members of Antifa beat a small, gay, Asian-American journalist in Portland this weekend. Brave! "


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