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2018 Dominic Raab:

• has one job
• is so horrifyingly fucking inept that he achieves the improbable feat of making David Davis look halfway competent
• resigns in protest at the shitness of his own deal

2019 Dominic Raab:

“I’d like to be in charge of everything please.”

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Some news: I’m writing a book for @nostarch@twitter.com titled “The Machine Learning Red Team Manual”. My aim is to provide a practical guide for anyone interested in adversarial ML and red teaming as it relates to in-production ML systems. A short thread on why this project matters:

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I was an immig lawyer during the entire time @theresa_may@twitter.com was Home Secretary. Here are a random selection of tears:-

Radiographer. Resident for 6 ys. Wife & 5 kids (all at school here 6 ys). Refused settlement for £70 traffic fine. It meant they all had to leave the UK.

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has someone posted a clip of that old python sketch about the twit olympics and declared that it's the tory leadership contest yet

Dudeface McSecurity Questions the third

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To get your Tory leadership candidate name, take:

1) Your middle name
2) The name of the first road you remember living on as a kid
3) Your favourite utensil

Mine is:

Luke Hopton-Spork

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the wolf clip is clip on R4 is still both hilarious and such a deep cut in equal measure

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"ladies and gentlemen"
❌ unnecessarily gendered
❌ overly formal
❌ lengthy
❌ honestly i'm already dozing off

✔️inclusive to all genders
✔️casual and fun
✔️short and to the point
✔️exciting and dynamic

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this is a powerful video, I just have this nagging sensation that there's some particular issue that is REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT that seems to go unmentioned, can't quite work out what it is

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WHYYY did I wait so long to watch this?? So happy to share with my American friends after it’s made the rounds here in the UK.

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This graph covers almost exactly my time in the UK. For me, my my first student visa, applied for in 2006, very thin and all of £100. Indefinite leave to remain was nearly £3k, plus legal fees as the process is sufficiently complicated that it needed skilled labour

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The cost of immigration and citizenship applications in general skyrocketed, forcing migrants to leave the UK, borrow, scrimp and save or go illegal


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dunno what the equivalent of dancing on a grave is for a resignation, but that

remember her van

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There’s also what I can only describe as plain spitefulness to migrants. She seemed to be obsessed. Take the “go home” vans, for example.

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good time to note that Theresa May's home office tried real hard kick me out of the country. Forever pleased that didn't work out, and well, bye TM

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THREAD. What is Theresa May’s legacy on immigration? Given she quoted Nicolas Winton, who saved hundreds of child refugees before WW2 I’ll start with refugees.

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We remember TM for the go home vans, for failing Windrush, Brexit, Grenfell, Yarl's Wood, for the DUP and for holding hands with Trump, for the rise in division, for drowned refugees, for hurting people with cuts, the rape clause, for the women of NI left with no autonomy. Thanks

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Open Rights Group is currently recruiting three board members to join our brilliant Board of Directors. All of the information and details of how to apply can be found here.

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plus if more people get on their bikes or walk, it makes the remaining cars have to deal with less traffic! winners all around! go ride bikes!

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