preordered my ✅ (although it didn't seem to let me ship to the UK :( getting it shipped to family in the US instead...)

getting slowing defeated by the English flat-buying process

Pingdemic (n): neologism for blaming the messenger at scale

its weird that telling the truth gets you ejected from parliament for basically aesthetics (or I guess 'decorum' which is really just a very structured type of aesthetics I think)

I guess it's a pingdemic in the same way that someone might yell about their noisy fire alarm while their house is actually on fire?

so I make cold brew from concentrate, which I dilute out with equal parts ice and 2x water (all by weight) and I've just used carbonated water for the first time instead of still. it is pretty great, though really I think this needs a nitro line

As ever with this sort of thing RTs for reach very appreciated and if anyone has question do reach out!

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My team is hiring! Come join the BBC's digital publishing data team, you'll work on tools for curation, content authoring, metadata wrangling, image management and more, two open roles: Senior Data Scientist and Senior Data Engineer

follow up: the neighbours better not wake up my kid yelling about <whatever happens>

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