Still not over the fact that a paper applying rebranded digital phrenology to lots of paintings, accompanied by a pile of tenuous correlations got published in Nature

I wonder how many times machine learning researchers are going to reinvent phrenology with zero context or historical understanding. At least one more it seems

(I had my post study work visa denied for a different reason. that short lived visa class was rather notoriously tricky to get correct.)

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immigration policy in this country is both byzantine and constantly shifting. this is the result.

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This is so close to my own story, the diff really splitting on my having the means+right to appeal (and ultimately win) while remaining in the country, so I could show 10 years of continuous residency for my indefinite leave to remain application

had a small internal hackday today, a very nice side effect was finding out about Vega ( which looks like really nice viz tool

i somehow just wandered to the part of twitter where people think MS teams 'isnt that bad'

this graphical representation of threads that the bird site has rolled out feels like it's not worth the reduced pixel width, especially for threads with lots of splits

still surprised by how fragile the powerful are about their cultural trappings

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