I have a (commuter/winter workhorse) bicycle dream:
- Gates carbon belt
- Hydraulic disc brakes
- alfine 11s or rohloff 14s
- drop bars
- <= 10kg
- under £2k

think this might be impossible unless i build it up myself, but very open to pointers/suggestions/feelings

Just realised I've taken to watching the live feed from the the Commons the way I watch grand tours. Not sure what this says about either.

Any day is improved when the place you're eating lunch in starts playing Prince's Batdance. This is just a fact.

Gotta say, if Labour MPs are how Johnson mega-hard brexit deal gets over the line, I reckon it's another generation at least in the wilderness for the party

Samsung: see look how usable this login system is! it's so easy anyone can use it!

Gotta love the DUP leaning so hard on the Good Friday Agreement (and specifically its consent mechanism), a treaty they, ehem, did not sign up to. (they were the only major party not to agree...)

How can CNN have an entire Democratic presidential debate and not ask questions on climate change?

isn't Johnson just on the brink of 'The Deal' that May initial agreed to like a year ago, but then the DUP balked at? As near as I can tell all this 'deal nearly agreed' fuss is around an NI only backstop with a new name. How is this exciting? How will it pass this parliament?

TFW of finding a great bot, then realising it's @jonty@twitter.com's fault

a great thing about start-ups is that despite what you may think there's alway another novel bad idea

an 'alternative' to a union, digital or otherwise, that has 'no politics' is just a means of disempowering organised labour

Remember friends, no Turkish troops ever saw combat in WW2

I'd like to think that nigel's latest about killing off the most successfully political project in European history will be his jump the shark moment, but alas, I have nowhere near that much confidence in the sense of his followers.

Whoever was responsible for closing the AI and society conference with The Police's "Every Breath You Take" quietly playing in the background is my hero

Jebus. If, as just asserted here at , facial recognition regs are easier sort out than brexit, we're just totally screwed aren't we? (I don't think that was meant to be the take away?)

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