Is your site slow and are you considering upgrading to more expensive hosting? This interview may change your mind. Maybe you don’t want to buy something you don’t really need.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin require certain fundamental requirements before investing. Prepare well and avoid the most common mistakes.

To have a faster website you need to optimize images. Here’s how to do it using IrfanView and without installing any plugin on WordPress.

If you have too many passwords, it is hard to remember them all. Here is a comparison of the 2 best open source password managers: KeePass and Bitwarden. How to use them, pros and cons.

Your money, your investments, your cryptocurrencies will one day no longer be yours because you will be dead. Make a digital will and make sure they get into the right hands quickly and smoothly. Do it now.

Saving on domestic and international calls to landlines and mobile numbers is possible. Here’s how to make your phone calls with VoIP carriers.

Choosing the best theme on Themeforest for our needs was an experience that our webmaster decided to share because it was full of interesting opportunities.

Final Match Tennis is a milestone in gaming history, and its gameplay is still unique and unsurpassed. You should play it, and we tell you how.

Sky Force Anniversary and Sky Force Reloaded collect the legacy that the best Shoot ‘Em Up video games played on home screens and in the arcade have left us over the decades.

Do you want to have a blazing fast website on mobile and desktop? We have succeeded and will explain in detail how you can do it yourself without facing unnecessary expenses.


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