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Capitalism Ruins Everything Around Me

The LEGO-compatibility is a nice touch.

Teenage Engineering makes such fun looking things. They made a modular synth:

Det var inte bรคttre fรถrr, och det var det inte fรถrr heller.

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i think it's fair to say at this point that cars are humanity's worst invention

The instructions for this code challenge say that the solution should [adhere to OOP dogma] and I can't make myself care abut that.

Having "perfect pitch" is nice I guess (although I don't quite get other people's amazement; it's not all that useful) but I wish I could read notes too.

It's -27ยฐC in my hometown. Here it barely feels like winter, although there is a little bit of snow now.

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Yamaha CP88 looks quite nice. I wish it had some nice Yamaha synth engines in it, too.

Remote island nations are great until you find yourself in a relationship with a mainlander.

Somnade en stund och nu รคr jag alldeles vimmelkantig.

Linux is more practical, but Haiku is much more enjoyable. And I guess I don't do much computer stuff these days anyway.

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I'm sure there are people who can beat the game using only the starting genders and perhaps even prefer them, but that's not for me.

Watching those runs where people unequip the starting gender and play through the entire game without a gender though is absolutely amazing ^_^

The rings inside trees are actually grooves, and trees spend all their lives making tree music.

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