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Computer communism for everyone. Not for the elite; neither for the privileged, nor the wealthy. COMPUTERS FOR EVERYONE OR NO COMPUTERS AT ALL.

Selfie; no eye contact; can of seasonal malt beverage Show more

It's raining sideways en ég fokking elska það

Selfie; no eye contact; can of seasonal malt beverage Show more

It's very dreary outside but I need to go look for light pears.

@loki I stumbled across your profile and was curious why you use Laufeysdóttir instead of Laufeyjardóttir? I hope it's not rude to ask. (Learning Icelandic.)

TIL lightbulb is light pear 🍐 in all the other nordic languages, and for me it's smoulder/ember lamp.

This was good; I understand macros pretty well now.

I'm trying to attend as many social events as I can. I was at the trans support group at Andrými on tuesday. There was going to be a trans "drop-in/social" event there today, but it was cancelled. A new friend asked if I would like to come to her support group for autistic women, and I said yes, if they're fine with me being there. So she's checking with them. I guess there's plenty of things to do that don't involve noisy places and/or drinking!

I don't like criticising other people's code/programs, but I dislike classism more. If something requires expensive hardware for no good reason, I will criticise it.

I know this is from FB, but it's a nice illustration of how you can improve your user experience by using FlatBuffers instead of something like JSON:

Think of the people who are on the most affordable devices available.

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Ideally there'd be operators for trapping, wrapping, and saturation arithmetic. Swift has the first two.

Is there a way to get -ftrapv behaviour in , instead of -fwrapv behaviour?

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Hur säger man frilägga (bild) på engelska?

I wish I had the energy to "finish" my programming language. Although I guess the only unusual thing about it is that's it's designed with RSI in mind and writing it does not require the use any modifier keys. Perhaps I should just turn it into an alternative syntactic form for Rust.

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