"Initial releases [of the Amiga UI engine] used blue, orange, white and black palettes. This was intentional […] Commodore tested output on the worst televisions they could find, with the goal of obtaining the best possible contrast under these worst-case conditions."

What if modern software would consider the "worst-case conditions," such as low-end/affordable hardware? Maybe that popular framework (no need to name) that you want to use actually makes it unusable for people on such hardware?

@alva Amiga was designed by a largely independent team of passionate people who Actually Cared about democratising tech, kinda like how Clive Sinclair did with Spectrum a few years prior

in both cases, the machines were cheap, had dedicated communities (which are still active), but ultimately haven't survived in the market for reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the products

it's a sad part of computer history

@kiilas indeed. The Amiga was so far ahead of its time. If/when the Vampire V4 is released, I want to assemble a super-Amiga. Making animations in Deluxe Paint and trying to sync it with my crummy ProTracker music was so much fun.

@alva i often daydream of an alternate timeline where Amiga is still around and used by the same people who are using Apple's products now...

@kiilas Amiga Phone 😯
All the chips would have cute names instead of letter+digits.

@alva yeah i thought of Amiga Phone! i feel the original Amiga team would do a much better job than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined

but then, they wouldn't optimise for profit and would be out of business within a few years :/

@kiilas @alva Ugh I have periods of time where I look at Apple competitors in the 90s and imagine alternate timelines because I hate the situations macs put people in and it’s leadership and at the same time, Linux really isn’t good for someone like me because it’s so fragmented. I keep peeking at Haiku every now and then because it’s the only open source OS i’ve seen with a Mac-like design ethos but it’s very barebones atm. (Maybe i’ll contribute sometime if the CoC is good)

@dzuk @kiilas BeOS was so fast and nice, even on crummy hardware. I have only tried Haiku briefly in a VM. I wonder how it will evolve once it's done reimplementing the past (maybe it's there already?)

@alva @kiilas I installed it on a spare disk on my computer. I couldn’t really experience it much because the graphics driver compatibility is very old and it doesn’t like my mouse :|

It’s a shame the project has a crappy CoC too. :\

@dzuk I just saw your toots on that, very disappointing :(
I too want an OS I can hack on, that's designed as a complete system, and not a UNIX clone. Have been poking around in Fuchsia, but it's still pretty far from usable.

@alva @dzuk @kiilas Would OS X have been improved if it used BeOS as its foundation?

@USBloveDog @dzuk @kiilas hard to say. It would certainly have been way more responsive. macOS feels sluggish to me even now.

@dzuk @kiilas @alva

I like to imagine a world where Apple bought Be instead of NeXT.

I don’t think they would have stayed in business long, but they would have made a few cool computers :)

@dzuk @kiilas @alva @jjg sometimes I wonder how things would be if RISC OS ended up a common alternative to what we've got today.

@polychrome @dzuk @kiilas @jjg did you see that RISC OS 5 was recently re-licensed under Apache 2.0? :]

@polychrome @dzuk @kiilas @alva

I noticed it was one of the “standard” O/S options for the Raspberry Pi, but haven’t played with it yet.


@dzuk @kiilas @alva @jjg I advise reading a tutorial or manual for it because its UI conventions are different from what ended up being the standard.

@alva Sometimes this happens, I gave my brother a $5 Android Tracfone to use the webapps he wrote at work on.

Designing for the common user, not just the upper quartile is the point I think.

@alva it would be a bloody miracle if this happened today

@alva That's totally fascinating! Huge amiga fanboy here. Where did that text come from? I still love Intuition - my favorite GUI API of all time. It had a sense of humor - GimmeeZeroZero() :)

@feoh well, this is funny! I saw this on the Wikipedia page for Intuition, after I saw a comment about it on lobster.rs, saying that it had a sense of humor. ;)

@alva Hey that was probably me :) it's a small small world!

@alva It was a really beautiful system for when it came out. Pre-emptive multitasking when nobody else in the consumer space was, with a message passing microkernel architecture. So far ahead of its time!

@feoh it was wonderful. I was too young to understand what a technical marvel it was; I just enjoyed making animations in Deluxe Paint and scoring them with ProTracker. :)

@alva Back in the Bad Old Days when I was writing software for Windows 3.11/95/NT, we used to do exactly that. I always kept a minimum-spec box about to make sure that our products all did something reasonable on that hardware.

@drifa that's awesome. Software would be much better if devs had to work on low-end hardware. :-þ

What ? They didn't try a box over a background ?

I still love Amiga. Currently learning to compose on ProTracker.

@MrRaptor I used to score my Deluxe Paint animations with ProTracker! Good times.

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