I wanna get two of these: adafruit.com/product/2232 and put them side-by-side in a clutch style case with Raspberries and a mechanical keyboard.


@June I should make a case for this

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@alva @June PocketChip is a great idea that deserves a better form factor.

@polychrome @June Agreed. A usable keyboard would be great, for starters.

@alva @June useable keyboards are the biggest headache when it comes to DIY pocket machines. I've tried making a pocket computer several times and that was always the hardest part to source, which is ironic since we have tons of small keyboards now but they're all bluetooth.

You always end up having to make one, but making a good one is practically its own project.

I'd like a nice one that we could hook up over I2C / SPI.

@polychrome @alva @June

One of my backlog projects is to put a Pi Zero into an ordinary PC case. Then though, the problem becomes attaching a screen.

@suetanvil @alva @June if you're going with modern PC looks, pretty much any modern monitor would do - just add a MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter cable to lead outside the case.

You'll certainly have the room for it x3

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