Designing software with performance in mind from the start is not "premature optimisation," it's just basic human decency.

@alva I my head, "premature optimisation" means something like "optimising in a way that significantly hurts simplicity and/or 'cleanness' of the code without it being 'necessary' or maybe without even measuring the effects of the optimisation". But apart from avoiding those you should still not do appallingly bad performing stuff. Everything is a trade-off after all. Performance should be a factor but not necessarily the most important one in the face of other aspects.

@FSMaxB exactly. But I see that quote being used as justification for basically not caring about performance at all, or even doing things that are clearly terrible for performance.

@FSMaxB yeah. People say there's no point doing "premature optimisation" when they don't know if the thing will even be successful; just get it to market. Then the badly performing thing is successful, and those fundamental design decisions can't be changed without an expensive rewrite.

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