Have you observed someone with shaky hands try to use a smartphone? Long press doesn't work, hard press works intermittently. Regular taps sometimes register as something else.

The company who thought more than one (real, tactile, discoverable) mouse button would be too complex and confusing, thought that N different ways to touch a surface was a good idea.

@alva I know someone much older than me who has shaky hands and tries using a very small touch screen. I feel frustrated for them every time I see it :/

@alva I'm with the "glad they're getting rid of it" crowd. I never used force touch, except accidentally.

@alva I have this problem with my M.S. and it can get frustrating sometimes for sure!

@alva I'd really like to see a market of things like Series 60, pre-touch BlackBerry OS, and Windows Mobile Smartphone being viable again, for people who are physically or mentally unable to reasonably use touchscreen interfaces.

My grandmother wants a smartphone for its features, yet she's never been able to grok capacitive touch - even a laptop's trackpad utterly flummoxes her (yet she can use a mouse well enough).

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