About to get on a plane, I'll give you one emoji to describe everything


🔥 I've just learned about this and I'm so happy

Clicking Menu > Install Command Line Tools lets you use the `stree` command to open Sourcetree from the terminal t.co/O1wdPL2wF2

At this point, Texas is basically trolling all the techies that moved to Austin.


"The global coalition for transparency and anti-corruption has put the UK 'under review' "



Just realised I didn't have a hover state the buttons for my personal site ❗❗

I quickly made a funky one with inspiration from @codrops and icons from @fontawesome t.co/fQWc6EQjsQ

Back in February last year, all I expected from 2020 was for @MKBHD to rename his channel to MKB4K

Should I replace "writing" with "pontificating" in my Twitter bio?

Oh wow it only took 2 years for Trello to catch up to Notion and create card views.

Contrary to Notion, it's only for business customers.

Contrary to Notion, Trello's mobile app works, so there's that

Kinda crazy that people who worked in pandemic "preparedness" in the West last year still have a job today

TFW you want to "quickly put something in Notion"

And you get logged out.

Thankfully @simplenoteapp always has my back 😘

So you're telling me that we can't have a trollface emoji but we can have a middle finger?


Is there a way to tell @pocket 's parser to ignore a paragraph/DOM element?

Like a class that would hide content?


Migrated my Gatsby site from Remark to MDX over the weekend.

Ask me anything!

The new design system from @okta is looking much better than expected.

Can't wait to see this implemented in their UI!


It's not even midday yet and this morning we've heard angle grinders, jackhammers, and sirens 😔

Verifying myself: I am alvinometric on t.co/RLwUvQbgXc. qdt-Fc72bdEH9Yj1sH0gxlGw7tkWxK5yLWu9 / t.co/xAdquvV8k3

Really @pocket ?

So much for Mozilla being a privacy champion...

Even Cloudflare moved away from reCaptcha months ago
t.co/2QQ9CmbKlW t.co/WpeMdZCGRz

Just signed up for a Twitch account.

I already have 64 notifications and something about Prime Gaming.

Help, I'm too old for this

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