@ludmillamaury @Vaince The circle in the circle trick is nice, good work!

@seaotta I would love to hear how it worked out, what made it happen, etc

@soMelanieSaid Your minimal book covers are 🔥🔥🔥

@LighthouseTheat @NonHaf @MelangellDolma @cmwjen @alicemarywhite @themattaddis @phylipharries @david_lyndon @KieranBailey3 @James_Scan1985 @SplintersPA @huwrichphoto @Tisdone1 Is it going to be sold on @librofm or another platform ? Unsure how to get it based on the tweet!

@gueorgui @captureonepro There's a monster of a blog post series on that topic by @Stammy

RT @alvinometric: ✍️ New article!

Back to it after an overwhelming news cycle.

🌐 View your domain records with `host`

I was never sure…

@ParissAthena Resilient coders says that it's for "young people" ? Whatever that means...

@WatchPolyphonic Here's my guess:
- 5th century Greek harp tutorial for beginners
- I bought a 5th century Greek harp and you'll never believe what happens next.

Joke, obviously, looking forward to it!

@JoshWComeau Still can't beat these two that they made, imo:



Happy to have a battle of explorables! Although you'll win since your Waveforms one is in the list...

I reckon I got that one wrong for about 2 years 😂😂 t.co/5xodCq02ph

RT @RunnymedeTrust: @GoodLawProject "Dido Harding, hired to head up Test and Trace, is the wife of a Conservative MP, and a friend of forme…

RT @melissafumero: This is devastating. Please fucking wear a mask. Don’t gather for Thanksgiving. I get that it’s hard, I have a new baby…

@GhostNotesShow I thought you were a ghost ?

@AliAbdaal Hey, do you have a video on "How to read and find research for n00bs?" I couldn't find anything like that on Youtube.

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