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About damn time: Twitter will start doing "something" against antivax and pandemic-denying tweets

Well said! "hustle" makes progress more visible but less sustainable. That's the tricky part. introduces micropayments, so people using their platform for blogging can get paid by their readers.

Now's the best time to buy books from Independent bookshops!

All right, wasn't planning on releasing this but here we go:

📚 I've been working on a "digital bookshelf" to host reviews, etc

⏰ The deadline to order for Christmas on @bookshop_org_UK is *tomorrow*

🛍️ All links support independent bookshops


This. So many massive companies relying on single-maintainer open-source projects.

Entire-life crisis: A transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in individuals*, typically after March 2020.

*Doesn't apply to states with intelligent politicians like NZ, Western Australia, Vietnam, etc

Managing the pandemic *is* possible.
This is a lesson for Europe and North America: No community transmission in EIGHT months.

Hey, are you just telling IFTTT to use RSS for your microblog -> tweet integration ?

Developers: Can we get native CSS nesting so we kill pre-processors and save TBs of npm bandwidth?

W3C: How about native Masonry layout ?

I reckon I got that one wrong for about 2 years 😂😂

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