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So you're telling me that we can't have a trollface emoji but we can have a middle finger?


Is there a way to tell @pocket 's parser to ignore a paragraph/DOM element?

Like a class that would hide content?


Migrated my Gatsby site from Remark to MDX over the weekend.

Ask me anything!

The new design system from @okta is looking much better than expected.

Can't wait to see this implemented in their UI!

It's not even midday yet and this morning we've heard angle grinders, jackhammers, and sirens 😔

Verifying myself: I am alvinometric on qdt-Fc72bdEH9Yj1sH0gxlGw7tkWxK5yLWu9 /

Really @pocket ?

So much for Mozilla being a privacy champion...

Even Cloudflare moved away from reCaptcha months ago

Just signed up for a Twitch account.

I already have 64 notifications and something about Prime Gaming.

Help, I'm too old for this

Am I the only one discovering that WhatsApp has stories now? 🤦‍♂️

PS: Obviously, please switch to @signalapp

Heads up for iOS folks, you want to update your devices:

1. "A remote attacker may be able to cause arbitrary code execution"

2. "A malicious application may be able to elevate privileges."

TFW a dummy tweet for the Twitter API gets more reactions than those you spent 10 minutes on 🙈

Just testing something, nothing to see here 😁

The free BBC Sounds url to the latest Radio Drama by @neilhimself expires in 2 hours.

I've not listened to it yet, but every audio drama by Neil was been amazing.

Tailwind tech bros's schedule by @danielwu3

“Wake up early on Monday, hit the weights and dehydrate yourself for enhanced vascularity. Take a shower afterwards, but put your tight-fitting, sweaty Under Armour gym clothes back on.”

TLDR Vaccine news in Europe 🇪🇺

1. The UK is running an experiment on 60M+ people to see what happens if you give ½ the prescribed dose.

2. France is running an experiment on 60M+ people to see what happens if you don't vaccinate.

3. Everyone else is chugging along.

Anyone here on @KeybaseIO ?
I just got setup, it may or may not be related to the Slack outage.

Here's my Year in Review article, my third now!

You can turn off social comparison, it's mostly recommendations:

🧵 Some of the recommendations are below 👇

I'm probably late to the party, but this is my good news for today:

🌒 GitHub has dark mode!

PS: Can we talk about this cute animation?

Cloudflare releases a simple hosting service aimed at JAMstack sites, competing with Netlify.

What's really interesting is that they're using @sveltejs for their example 💪💪

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