@everyone hello pals n tootuals! i'm scooting over to @allie ! hope to c u there :)

some of u have never built a cute little farm in minecraft and it really shows

*i jump off a roof but float down like in those surreal animation videos*

Things that are NOT welcome on mastodon.social:
•br*tish "people"
•rat haters
•(add more if you'd please)

i like it when people answer my questions!! getting to know my tootuals, or anyone who happens to pass my post . is nice!!

i am wary to leave .social. i,ve seen a couple, posts saying to switch instances. but i don,t understand why. i don,t want to leave the rats.


💞 🐀 RATS 🐀 💞

tsuchinoko is not only real she is a lesbian and my daughter and i love her

i fucking love homestuck kinnies u guys are just so funky and wacky i love that. i love that

does ur dad suck? im ur new dad. sorry, that's just how it be. mastodad2k18

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