@chead Post quantum cryptography is a field that's being extensively researched, but it's true that a lot infrastructure will need to be replaced to implement it


Mastodon is the only place where can be trending. It's great. I'm never leaving.

The end of the age of men but it's just the dismantling of the patriarchy

@velexiraptor@radical.town I wanna get a piercing but also it's spooky!

@readytherhinos and if you have any question about server setup just ask away. In fact I can probably set up one for you if you'd like

@readytherhinos Java is PC only but all OSes - windows+mac+linux, Bedrock is available on windows+xbox+switch and also android I think.

@velexiraptor@radical.town By the end of the revolution it'll be comrade

@velexiraptor@radical.town this is the best i can muster on short notice, please notify if additional shitposting is required

@velexiraptor@radical.town illegal toot but also i stan

@velexiraptor@radical.town oof ouch owie the hurting juice has achieved the status of onion: layered, and disliked by me

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