there's still an assload to do - like change what the mobile version displays, etc

but for now its fine it'll be done before ECCC

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those images with the mouseover things were done from scratch and I'm certain there's a more elegant way to pull them off but Fuck It, I Did My Best

Show thread more progress editing the default Wordpress theme into a useable new portfolio/blog cuz mines a mess ATM

fuckin with the default twentyseventeen wordpress theme while I try to customize my portfolio/blog CSS fffeerrppppp

Unrelated, I'm taking a little time today to work on my wordpress/cms to change my portfolio into a working blog cuz I'm done with using platforms to host my words and art, decentralize me cap'n

Anyway, Black Panther is the one Marvel movie my family doesn't wanna see. Which instantly made it the one marvel movie I *do* wanna see.

if I wanna read on my phone, I gotta go into the living room. I have old habits from living alone/being isolated to one room that aren't necessary anymore, and it results in me doing dumb things like reading in bed and falling asleep.

Bed is for sleep. I can't use it for anything else.

When I move out again I def can't have a studio... or it'll have to be a big studio I can section off. I need places to chill that aren't Bed.

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New rule: I'm not allowed to bring my phone to bed with me

I cannot live with a veritable stranger, I need a family unit sort of feeling? Otherwise it won't work for me and I might as well live alone then. I just am too social and need a social family unit.

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I actually do want a roommate when I move to Austin, I think. But they gotta be chill with my rats and my cat... and I gotta know them a little? And they can't be a dude for some bullshit reasons that are my problem, not theirs

I'm still serious about once I got an extra $100~ a month about making that indie comics specific mastodon instance, to be a place for people to jsut talk comics and find comics and stuff

i'm squeezing behind the rat cage to clean it today

pray for me

I got so much work to do today I don't need this right now

i have so much work to do today but I'm so stresed right now I wanna cry. Worried about my brother all night with this stupid health scare, then Chicken Wing acts like he had a stroke or something? Hes fine but seems suddenly blind? I don't know I'm just kinda nervy and exhausted

I would like to nap but am worried something'll happen while I sleep

why did I assume I could tie up my hair with elastics and not suffer

I was just so damn miserable for those last two years in Portland, I never ever wanna feel that way again.

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