"I won't rape you because you don't deserve it."

"I would prefer my son to die in an accident than show up with a moustachioed​ man"

"A policeman who doesnt kill isnt a policeman."

Some of Bolsonaro's statements, India's guest for republic day.

@SwamiYesudas no violence please.. we can definitely protest against this invitation though.

The first line, we should mention, was said live at the National Parliament (Congresso) and widely reported by media.

Directed at another member of parliament from the Worker's Party (PT in portuguese)

@amangupta Oh, you are very welcome.

You might find background information in the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, one of the largest in the country. They do have many articles in English as well as the native Portuguese.Here:

@DesCoutinho hahaha yes, pretty well with the indian govt. I hope Indian junta is watching closely where is our future heading to.

@amangupta But they weren't elected by misogynist martians. The Government reflects the majority view yes. That's just how Indians are. I think its fear based but when on a roll it just gets off the hook. I mean I can sort of understand some of the more conservative views but then it gets creepy fast.

@amangupta I’m sorry you guys have this sickening man coming to visit :( I campaigned against him really hard but it wasn’t enough to beat the propaganda machines

@carolinagiorno these little efforts of yours only will build up to be our strength. There our many such misogynists, extremists and homophobs who we all need to stand against.

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