I really like the upright italic face available on -76 and the seen here mostly in the class browser. It looks like it’s called Cream, but I can’t find much about it on the Web.

Screenshot by user ‘SUMIM.ST’ on Wikimedia Commons used without endorsement via CC-BY-SA-4.0 (

Alan Kay on the Squeak-dev mailing list:

‘Cream was designed because I liked the documentation of JOSS at RAND very much and this showed the JOSS code in a “slight script” that was very pleasing to look at on paper. Cream was Flegal’s solution to this desire using only 1-bit graphics, and it was pretty good.’

Early in development, the Macintosh also used Cream:

‘The initial system font that we used through most of 1981 was one that we borrowed from Smalltalk called “Cream”.’

Fantasque Sans Mono is a typeface, with a modern font, which has some of the same whimsy (although only available mono-spaced).

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