I only just found out about the latest Zachtronics programming game, Exapunks! I’m watching a few Let’s Plays and it looks like TIS-100 if you removed the emphasis on concurrent programming, loosened the resource constraints and gave it the interface design of Shenzhen I/O.

I’d be playing this already if I didn’t have work in the morning! 😞

🔗 zachtronics.com/exapunks/


I already bought it! I mean, at this point I’d be extremely surprised if I didn’t enjoy a Zachtronics game.

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If you like the kind of puzzle game that’s about figuring out HOW to do something more than WHAT you need to do, I highly recommend any Zachtronics game. Matthew Matosis has a great introduction on YouTube. 📺 youtube.com/watch?v=o99hbZy8Cu

I suppose I’ll start playing them through in order (except for Infinifactory; I’d rather not have to navigate 3D space at the same time as solving puzzles), starting with SpaceChem.

Starting with Sernimir II: Of Pancakes and Spacehips, a tutorial level. You just follow along with the instructions, so I’m not going to content-warn this one.

Spoiler for SpaceChem, Sernimir II: Slightly Different 

We get a little introduction to atoms, molecules and molecule identity in the introduction. This level is mostly finishing off the instructions you’re given for the blue Waldo, so again, there’s not much variation in the histograms.

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