I only just found out about the latest Zachtronics programming game, Exapunks! I’m watching a few Let’s Plays and it looks like TIS-100 if you removed the emphasis on concurrent programming, loosened the resource constraints and gave it the interface design of Shenzhen I/O.

I’d be playing this already if I didn’t have work in the morning! 😞

🔗 zachtronics.com/exapunks/

I already bought it! I mean, at this point I’d be extremely surprised if I didn’t enjoy a Zachtronics game.

If you like the kind of puzzle game that’s about figuring out HOW to do something more than WHAT you need to do, I highly recommend any Zachtronics game. Matthew Matosis has a great introduction on YouTube. 📺 youtube.com/watch?v=o99hbZy8Cu

I suppose I’ll start playing them through in order (except for Infinifactory; I’d rather not have to navigate 3D space at the same time as solving puzzles), starting with SpaceChem.

Starting with Sernimir II: Of Pancakes and Spacehips, a tutorial level. You just follow along with the instructions, so I’m not going to content-warn this one.


Spoiler for SpaceChem, Sernimir II: Slightly Different 

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