I just gave another go and had forgotten how much sorts out: things like screen locking, volume and brightness keys, the mouse cursor, caps. lock as control, whether the trackpad is disabled… 🔁

The ‘Linux desktop’ experience seems almost entirely attributable to the desktop environment projects and the distributions which package them.

Apparently this works better with GNOME Flashback (which seems to be separate from GNOME Classic) but that doesn’t appear to be in ’s repo.

In retrospect, of course the desktop experience is mostly attributable to the desktop environment. Sometimes, that GNOME runs on GNU/Linux feels like an implementation detail. Is GNOME on BSD a considerably different experience? Is there value in saying GNOME/GNU/Linux or KDE/GNU/Linux?

Every time I try EXWM I come to the realisation that I’m yearning for the Lisp machine.

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