I’ve mentioned a couple of times before¹ ² but run into the limitations of Emacs’s window and frame layout handling, and things like Gnus hanging the event loop. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet on things like binding my keyboard’s special keys or finding decent screen locking software.


I tried both StumpWM and EXWM (again) last night, and I prefer EXWM. I managed to solve most of the frame and window layout issues with a combination of configuration, dedicated windows and the Shackle package… but the rest of the features most desktop environments provide is still a colossal pain in the arse.

I just don’t know whether I can be bothered to set up… an application launcher, a taskbar, a network manager, audio volume control, backlight control, a compositor, power saving settings, auto-mounting of external disks, notifications, an authentication agent, a screen locker, an input method…

@amdt I've used #Emacs within #StumpWM for like 2 years. Worked like a charm. Only downturner are those 100 MB RAM for a tiling WM.

@richardbaeck @amdt You have any examples of your setup, I tired #stumpwm and couldn't get used to it, I have used #EXWM, but there are some issues especially with multi tasking. like @amdt mentioned. I'm using #i3wm and it is ok, not perfect but usable out of the box.

@yisraeldov If I find my #StumWM config in my backup mess then I will post it on Github. But I fear I have deleted it.

This is why I used Exwm inside of a desktop environment like lxde or mate.

@yisraeldov Great idea! I tried it with MATE and it was an OK experience.

@amdt yeah I went through solving all these when I switched from GNOME to Awesome. Feels like there needs to be a middle ground with choice of window manager but takes care of some of these things for you.

@wezm I just saw your weblog post about it again! The link to your ‘.Xinitrc’ was broken (looks like you renamed it) but I found it and I’ll refer to it, so thanks!.

@amdt ahh yes I finally set up a display manager on the weekend and moved from xinit to xprofile. Thanks for pointing out the link, I’ll update the post.

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